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Occupational Safety technicians are summoned

8 February 2018 to 11: 58
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work safety technician

Job openings for Occupational Safety Technicians are intended for professionals who wish to work in a large manufacturing company

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Occupational Safety Technicians are necessary nowadays to guarantee the safety of the workers involved in the undertakings and the good progress of the works, there is no doubt about that. With new contracts and potential contracts to come, Fibralac is urgently looking for these professionals to carry out its activities. See the requirements and benefits of the position in question:


Pay close attention if you have the necessary training and qualifications for the function that will be exposed below, as the company will only accept you if you are within them and you still run the risk of being blocked:

  • Technical Course in Occupational Safety
  • Be registered with the MTE (Ministry of Labor and Employment) and with the Fire Department
  • Experience in ministering in the area of ​​Health and Safety at Work
  • Have regulatory standards certification

Benefits include health plan, dental plan, gift card, chartered transport, food on site, food basket and life insurance. Remembering that for all these opportunities, people with disabilities can also be contemplated. Interested? It is worth remembering that the workplace will be in the municipality of Glorinha -RS and candidates should send their resumes to, informing the name of the vacancy in the subject of the message.

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