Home Porto do Açú Thermoelectric Plant: Most of the workforce can come from abroad

Porto do Açú Thermoelectric Plant: Most of the workforce can come from abroad

19 March 2018 to 11: 58
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Porto do Açú Thermoelectric Plant: Most of the workforce can come from abroad

 Andrade Gutierrez will be able to take advantage of workers from other states whose works are nearing completion for the construction of the Thermoelectric Power Plant in Porto do Açú.

O port of azu and its eternal polemic regarding the Thermoelectric works in the enterprise that will be executed by the construction company Andrade Gutierrez. As if the lack of information about the beginning of the works was not enough, some people are sending us inbox messages reporting that most of the labor for the construction could come from outside the municipalities surrounding the project, scary, but look at some facts.

As everyone knows, Açú is located in the municipality of São João da Barra, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the states that has been suffering the most from the economic recession. Naturally, a work of this size would bring some momentary relief to the city and workers who live in surrounding municipalities. Many expectations were created, many disclosures about this project were published on the internet and in official communication vehicles.

It turns out that some of our followers (some with high positions and privileged positions in some companies) told us that as Andrade Gutierrez already has some works in the final phase in other states, it would be better to take these workers to Rio de Janeiro, eliminating hiring costs and social charges. We also learned that some “company representatives” were in São João da Barra looking for accommodation to rent, in order to accommodate workers.

Remembering that this information comes from several different sources, but not from official Andrade sources, our team contacted her and we are waiting for a response regarding this information and we will rectify this matter depending on the response. We don't want anyone to get hurt, but Rio's citizens are suffering as much from unemployment as anyone else, we hope that the priority is for the people around the development.

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