Home Porto do Açú is highlighted in the media and will become the largest gas complex in the country

Porto do Açú is highlighted in the media and will become the largest gas complex in the country

23 February 2018 to 07: 55
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Porto do Açú Sao Joao da Barra

Prumo, in an interview, reported that the Thermoelectric plant and the LNG terminals will transform the Port of Açú into a national reference and the most important port in Rio

O port of azu is once again highlighted in the national and world press due to the management of Bob. As one of the most complete projects currently in Rio de Janeiro with offshore terminals, merchant import/export and metal mechanic industry currently under development, the company's shareholder base trembled with optimism when it was announced the hiring for the thermoelectric works that are taking place at the moment.

As happened in Macaé in 1977, the city only had 60 thousand inhabitants when it was founded and suffered a population “BOOM” when it was founded in the Campos Basin and installed by Petrobras in the city. Consequently, the municipality of São João da Barra, where the Porto do Açú is installed will suffer the same impact. The municipal bodies are already mobilizing but there is still concern about the city's infrastructure, after all, a short time ago the place was affectionately nicknamed "Paradise", due to the beautiful redoubts and paradisiacal beaches.

Prumo Logística manages a similar project in the port of Antwerp, in Belgium, which also has a 1,7GW thermal power plant. The power that will be installed in Açú is a little more ambitious, about 6,4W  to account for the energy supply in all the companies installed in the complex and others that will still be installed. The gas that will make the plant work will come from the pre-salt and the rest for the LNG terminals, for companies that do not use the fuel in their operational processes, perhaps the surplus will be supplied to the population with fairer prices.

The president of Prumo in Brazil, José Magela, has ambitious plans beyond those already in progress, such as the implementation of a wind farm in the future in the region, since the city is on the coast and this type of project is completely favorable and will be on the agenda in the future. Some of the companies currently operating in Porto do Açú are National Oilwell Varco (NOV), TechnipFMC, Wärtsilä, InterMoor, Edison Chouest, Vallourec, BP Prumo, Anglo American, BG Brasil, Oil Tanking, among others. If you want to read the full article, click here.

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