Home Transocean obtained a contract extension for the Petrobras 10000 drillship.

Transocean obtained a contract extension for the Petrobras 10000 drillship.

1 October 2018 to 03: 45
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Addendum of 790 days in the contract, fills with hope the offshore market that is shaken, but showing recovery.

Transocean is a leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells. This multinational specializes in technically demanding sectors of the global business in this area, with a particular focus on deepwater drilling services and harsh environments and believes it operates one of the most variable drilling fleets in the world.

It owns or has partial interests and operates a fleet of 41 mobile offshore drilling units, comprising 23 deepwater floaters and 4 intermediatewater floaters, and is building two ultradeepwater drillships, a harsh semi-submersible environment in the which the company holds a 33% stake.

With all this positive baggage in its historic curriculum, Transocean Ltd, announced on Friday (28/09/2018) that the Petrobras 10000 a deepwater drillship received a 790-day extension. With this amendment, the contract is extended until October 2021, with a net backlog of approximately US$185 million including cost escalation.

The company will additionally receive 5% of royalties per day, totaling an estimated revenue of US$16 million from October this year to October 2021, associated with the use of dual activity technology in Brazil patented by the company in the country. The forecast is that the vessel will carry out drilling campaigns in the Northeast during the second half of this year.

With this good news, we can believe even more that the offshore market is improving and large multinationals will hire more staff to be part of their team.

Petrobras and the Federal Government are very close to agreeing on the Assignment of Rights.

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