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Transpetro back to Angra do Reis: economy and jobs will return at full speed

17 May 2017 to 14: 30
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Transpetro back to Angra do Reis economy and jobs will return at full speed (2)

With only the release of INEA now missing, Transpetro has released the activities at TEBIG and the city will earn revenue of more than 4 million per month

March 2015, an accident involving 2 ships of the transpetro during an operation known as Ship-to-ship, dumped an immense amount of oil in the sea of Angra dos Reis. At the time, the state secretariat and institute for the environment (INEA), suspended operations of this type in Baia das Ilha Grande.

"It was a decision politically wrong by Secretary Carlos Minc that is now being technically and financially invested in protecting the state of Rio de Janeiro and the city”, says Fernando Jordão, current mayor of Angra dos Reis.

In addition to the environmental disaster, the accident and, consequently, the suspension of operations, caused financial damage to the municipality's accounts and planning. Just over 2 years after the accident, Transpetro carried out the first test of transhipment operations at the terminal in Baia da Ilha Grande (TEBIG).

On the morning of Friday (12), technicians from INEA, representatives of the Brazilian Navy, mayor Jordão, vice mayor Manoel Parente, the secretary of economic development, the mayor and councilor José Augusto and the councilor Canindé do Social.

” The municipality of Angra is going through a very complicated crisis, as well as the state and the country. Here we are losing money for municipal collection. So it is INEA to grant this release to authorize the resumption of transshipments in the region because it is now safe for the environment. So much so that we are here on the ship as calmly as possible”. Says councilor Canindé do Social.

The state secretary for the environment André Correira did not attend the test: 'It only remains to say that there are no problems for the city hall, the environment secretary and the Brazilian Navy. The issue today is in the hands of INEA, which is present today with its technicians and unfortunately, Secretary José Corrêa who should be present here due to the complexity of the operation and its importance, which does not only involve Angra dos Reis. When we talk about the economy, the losses are for the city, for the state of Rio and for Brazil as a whole, because a lot ships stopped coming to Brazil. Because taxes such as ISS, ICMS, royalties and etc… that complement the city's income are no longer collected”, says councilor Zé Augusto in a critical and indignant way.

The test simulated the entire transshipment operation, that is, the transfer of oil from one vessel to another. The municipality recognizes the importance of the presence of Transpetro in Angra, the Petrobras subsidiary responsible for the operation, for the local economy.

” The municipality will earn today around 200 million reais that will enter the coffers of the city hall that will generate jobs, resources and improve the quality of life… Anyway, this money will be very useful and very well used by the current management”, says enthusiastic Aurélio Marques, executive secretary of Industry and Commerce.

If authorized by INEA, the return of this type of operation in Ilha Grande Bay will represent a major reinforcement for public coffers.

The mayor adds: “I want to protect this beautiful bay, but I also want Angra not to lose its resource. The city's money was going to Espirito Santo, São Paulo and the city getting poorer and poorer. If we have here the terminal and old investments from Brazil that are important for Petrobras, it is much cheaper to carry out operations here, in calm and sheltered waters.”

See the video and the authorities present at the operation

“This operation is very important for the city, because it was carried out through ship-to-ship, which unfortunately this environmental agency has a problem with Angra dos Reis, so this is one of the reasons why I am here following the procedures for it to return as soon as possible under the name of “Transhipment a Contra Bordo, a super safe operation that will move the economy again and that is what we need. After all, there will be more than 4 million monthly that will enter the city’s coffers.” Reiterates councilor José Augusto.

Sought by TV Câmara, INEA did not respond to calls or messages. Transpetro, in a note, declared that it successfully carried out all the tests at the Angra dos Reis terminal, now depending only on INEA to release the license.


Transcription of the article: TV Câmara

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