Home Maritime and offshore vacancies with cases open today

Maritime and offshore vacancies with cases open today

21 March 2017 to 19: 33
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Marine and Offshore Vacancies Today is the last day to apply
Marine and Offshore Vacancies Today is the last day to apply

The company offers in its marine and offshore job board, several opportunities in different professions

As offshore and maritime vessels are arriving in Brazil, maritime vacancies are the first hiring fronts precisely to align all functional parameters of the unit, as it was in the article to which it was discovery of the hotel company that will provide MODEC services. In the following paragraphs, you will know the requirements and how to apply for available positions.

Industrial Painters

Must have experience in the role, industrial painting course at an institution recognized by the MEC such as Abraco and Senai, boarding courses up to date. Send your resume to

Note: Do not go to the company, you will not be received, resumes only by email – Management

Seamanship official

This professional must have 2 years of experience in controlling naval units in CLT in almost all types of vessels such as tankers, FPSO and PSV's. Knowledge in ballast systems in offshore production unit. Being a Machinery Officer at any level, the above requirements are not necessarily mandatory, if at least 3 years of experience in this function is verified.

Required certificates: DPC 1031 Certificate DPC1034 ESOP, ESOQ or ESOG (Special Course on Safety in Cargo Operations on Oil/Chemical/Gas Ships) or have rule V / I of the STCW CBSP. Interested send your resume to

Cabotage master

At least 1 year of knowledge in activities in the role as Cabotage Master in the offshore sector and all certificates up to date, such as Special Bear of Proficiency in Survival and Rescue Vessels at Sea (ESPM); Registration and Registration Card (updated) ; Basic Special Course on Ship Security Awareness (EBCP); CERR CBSP. Send your resume if you fit to

deck sailor

If you have worked for at least 2 years in oil tanker roles at least once between 2014 and 2016, have a degree in seamanship or machinery, please send your resume now! The certificates and courses required are II/4 of the STCW, Booklet of Enrollment and Registration, Basic Special Course for Oil Tankers and Chemicals (EBPQ), ESPM or CBSP. Send your abstract to


Emphasizing at the beginning of this paragraph, that only resumes of professionals who have the CRN, CBSP and Heut and with offshore experience will be accepted, this is non-negotiable. Candidates can be of both sexes and preferably live in Rio das Ostras or Macaé, if you are PCD, you can also participate in the selection process. The selection process starts on March 24, 2017 and you can send your abstracts to

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