Home The Hilux-sized pickup truck with a price equivalent to R$43.000,00 arrives in CHINA to shake up the automotive industry and displace Fiat Titano, diesel Hilux and RAM

The Hilux-sized pickup truck with a price equivalent to R$43.000,00 arrives in CHINA to shake up the automotive industry and displace Fiat Titano, diesel Hilux and RAM

4 April 2024 07 gies: 10
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Photo: Reproduction/Automotors

China owns the cheapest pickup truck in the automotive industry. Discover Calorie, a cheap pickup truck that costs less than R$50 (direct conversion and no taxes applied).

Year after year, Chinese companies come raising its level in the automotive industry. In contrast to the Brazilian automotive market, where it is rare to find mid-size pickup trucks for less than R$200, the scenario in China presents a much more accessible reality in terms of costs. An emblematic example of this difference is the pickup truck BAW Calorie, considered the cheapest midsize pickup in the world, launched in China in 2022. This, surprisingly, has a much lower price than the Renault Kwid.

Cheap BAW pickup delivers 144 horsepower

As the idea is to be cheap, the BAW pickup truck in the automotive industry is not extremely equipped, powerful or has a lot of load capacity. So much so that its 2.0 four-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine delivers just 144 horsepower and 20,4 kgfm of torque. It is the same torque as the Volkswagen's 1.0 TSI engine delivers to the Nivus and T-Cross.

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Load capacity changes depending on the version. In the 5,27 m long variant, the model weighs 495 kg. In the elongated 5,52 meter long, the capacity increases to 795 kg.

It is worth mentioning that In the Brazilian automotive industry, all pickup trucks support at least 1 ton in the bed due to the law requiring diesel engines to be used.. The other measurements are 1,90 m wide and 1,86 m high in the conventional configuration and 1,99 m and 1,86 m in the elongated configuration.

Compared to the famous Toyota Hilux, the best-selling midsize pickup truck on the Brazilian market, the cheap BAW pickup truck has a very similar size, but the long version is up to 10cm larger than the Japanese one.

How much does the cheap BAW pickup cost?

The design of the model is relatively simple, without major boldness or boldness, and is consistent with the pickup's low-cost proposal. Depending on the consumer's choice, it is possible to add personalization elements such as stickers on the sides, saint antonio and alloy wheels. In the access versions, however, simplicity is evident in the steel wheels and unpainted door handles.

In the cabin, the cheap pickup's dashboard has a bold design and draws attention to the fully digital instrument panel positioned next to the multimedia center. Each screen is 10,25 inches. The overall appearance is modern, especially due to the leather covering and apparently efficient ergonomics.

Because BAW does not operate in the Brazilian automotive industry, enthusiasts cannot expect this truck here. In the Chinese market it costs on average around 69 thousand yuan and 76.800 yuan, something that puts it in the range of R$49.200 to R$52.200 in direct conversion. It's worth highlighting that in Brazil, Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid, the cheapest we have, cost exactly R$68.

What is the cheapest pickup truck in Brazil?

The cheapest pickup truck on the Brazilian automotive market is the Volkswagen Saveiro Robust CS, which costs R$97.690. It is equipped with a 1.6 aspirated flex engine with 116 horsepower and 16,1 kgfm with ethanol and 106 hp and 15,4 kgfm with gasoline. The model's consumption is 8,5 km/l with the first fuel and 12,2 km/l with the second. The transmission, however, is a five-speed manual.

It measures 4,47 m in length and has a wheelbase of 2,75 m. The bucket volume is 469 liters, with the capacity to deliver up to 712 kg of payload.

The list of standard items includes air conditioning, power steering, hill start assistant, four-wheel disc brakes, cargo bed lighting, electric locks and windows and rear parking sensor.

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Vasconcelos & Vasconcelos
Vasconcelos & Vasconcelos
April 4, 2024 17:20 PM

You can leave the s*** from China, in China itself…

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