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RIP Serviços Industriais Macaé branch hires onshore

20 from 2018 from September to 11: 07
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rip kaefer vacancies macaé

Opportunities are for immediate start at RIP, know all the details before submitting your CV

The company RIP of the Kaefer group is hiring professionals who wish to work in the city of Macaé in the maintenance business. It is worth remembering that we did not hear mentions of the term “offshore”, so we deduce that the vacancies are on land, but we are not 100% sure. However, find out more about the positions and how to apply:

vacancies and assignments

Escalator Maintenance Supervisor (1869) ⇒ Electrical or Mechanical Technician, with a minimum experience of 2 years proven in the Employment Card and Access by Rope N3 Irata or Abendi courses

Climber Instrumentalist Technician (1868) ⇒ Instrumentation, Electronics or Automation Technician, with a minimum experience of 2 years (proved), Rope Access N1 and Rope Access N3 Irata or Abendi

Quality Assistant I (1630) ⇒ Technician or Superior in Environment in any area, desirable knowledge of the area

Interested parties should send their resumes to RIP at, with the vacancy code in the subject.

RIP Serviços, in addition to the oil and gas business, operates in the energy, pulp and paper, mining, steel, chemical, petrochemical, automotive, among others sectors. Do you want to know about the latest opportunities she released? Check out the posts and other articles from RIP by clicking here.

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