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Atibaia stands out in the ranking of the Best Cities for industrial business

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Published 29/12/2023 às 20:28
Atibaia appears in the ranking
Photo: City Hall of Estancia de Atibaia.

Rising economic and industrial momentum

Atibaia, a municipality experiencing rapid economic expansion, has stood out on the national scene by being classified among the 100 Best Cities for Doing Business, with special emphasis on the Industry sector. The survey, conducted by Urban Systems and in its 10th edition, evaluated cities with a population of over 100 thousand inhabitants, placing Atibaia in a prestigious position: 16th place in the Industry category. The municipality also achieved prominent positions in Commerce and Agriculture, reflecting its favorable environment for investment and economic development.

Industrial growth and incentive

Atibaia City Hall has been a fundamental pillar in this growth, actively promoting economic development. In 2023, 26 new industries chose Atibaia to establish themselves, bringing optimistic forecasts of R$2,5 billion in revenue and the creation of 5.700 jobs in five years. The 1st Atibaia Industrial Expo, a significant event organized by the Municipal Administration, served as a catalyst to connect companies in the industrial sector and generate business, service and employment opportunities.

Incentive and entrepreneurship programs

Other initiatives, such as the Empreender Aqui Program and the Tax Incentives for Sustainable Economic Development Program, have been fundamental in attracting and maintaining businesses in the city. Companies from different sectors have taken advantage of the tax incentives offered, a reflection of the City Hall's inclusive and supportive policy.

IPTU Empreendedor is another example of an innovative incentive. Based on a scoring system that considers aspects such as number of employees and commitment to social and environmental issues, the program offers discounts on IPTU, ranging from 20% to 100%. So far, 19 companies have benefited from this program for the 2024 financial year.

Promoting innovation and technology

Atibaia City Council has also invested in innovation and technology, injecting R$1,7 million into 32 local companies with innovative technological projects through the Inovati Program. Furthermore, the Municipal Administration supports local commerce through valorization campaigns and projects that encourage entrepreneurship and promote sustainable economic development.

Positive impact on employment

In the employment sector, Atibaia has demonstrated an impressive positive balance in the creation of formal vacancies. According to the General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Caged), the municipality had a balance of 1.845 vacancies from January to October, continuing a positive trend from previous years. Furthermore, the Atibaia Worker Assistance Station (PAT) played a crucial role, opening 8.565 vacancies and providing 11.970 services throughout the year.

The City Hall has played an essential role in preparing candidates for the job market, offering lectures and free training courses, as well as job fairs in partnership with institutions such as Sebrae, Sest/Senat, Senac, Senai and the Commercial and Industrial Association of Atibaia (ACIA).

In summary, Atibaia is quickly establishing itself as a center of economic and industrial development, thanks to innovative policies and continued support from the City Hall. With plans to intensify professional qualification in 2024, Atibaia positions itself as an example of growth and innovation in the Brazilian business scene.

Source: City Hall of Estancia de Atibaia.

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