Home Baker Hughes offers many vacancies in Macaé and Rio de Janeiro

Baker Hughes offers many vacancies in Macaé and Rio de Janeiro

16 June 2018 to 08: 26
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With the slow recovery of the oil and gas sector, Baker Hughes resumes the company's selection processes in its operating centers

Working at Baker Hughes is the dream of many people, it was even mine when I started to crawl in this oil and gas business, I went through two interviews there, both without success because in the final phase of the interview, “I didn't care about the blessed English”, the nature of the vacancy for which he was applying at the time had this qualification as prerequisites.o.

But why did I tell this little story at the beginning of the article? It turns out that although today's vacancies are available for the company's operating centers in Macaé and Rio de Janeiro, the curriculum registration system may or may not be in English, and if you use translation programs here, you might even be wrong. the system, but at the time of the interview you will not be able to fool Human Resources or the interviewer. Below, I left the links to the vacancies available, just click on each one and apply:



Baker Hughes' strong point in terms of selection processes is that it always provides feedback to the candidate, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. For opportunities at a technical level or higher, there are tests to attest your knowledge in the area of ​​interest, similar to Petrobras competitions (trust me, I know that). Make it a habit to register on the official portals of large companies, they are the first sources of consultation when there are processes in progress. For other vacancies in other countries, access the full page here, it hires Brazilians to work anywhere on the globe.

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