Home BYD Shark: The new hybrid pickup truck with a consumption of 65 km/l and a sports engine with 430 hp arrives, destroying the competition 

BYD Shark: The new hybrid pickup truck with a consumption of 65 km/l and a sports engine with 430 hp arrives, destroying the competition 

15 May 2024 to 21: 02
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BYD Shark, Hybrid Pickup, BYD
Photo: BYD reproduction

Efficient consumption, unbeatable power and cutting-edge technology. Discover now BYD's innovative hybrid truck that promises to transform the pickup truck segment

BYD Shark, the Chinese automaker's new hybrid pickup truck, arrives on the market promising to surprise with a consumption of up to 65 km/l and performance comparable to vehicles with a V8 engine. Check out the details of this innovative launch which is conquering the automotive market, according to the Autoesporte website.

BYD Shark was officially presented in Mexico City at its global launch event. A pickup enters the medium pickup truck segment and stands out for its hybrid package that offers exceptional consumption and performance superior to many competitors with V6 and V8 engines.

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Versions, technologies and prices of the new BYD Shark

In Mexico, the Shark hybrid pickup will be sold in two versions: GL and GS, with prices between 899.980 and 969.800 Mexican pesos, which is equivalent to approximately R$274 thousand and R$295 thousand, respectively. The launch in Brazil is scheduled for between September and October, but prices and versions have not yet been confirmed for the Brazilian market.

The BYD Shark hybrid pickup uses the DMO Super Hybrid Off-road platform, a evolution of the Song Plus DM-i system. This system promises excellent performance on both paved roads and off-road terrain, rivaling diesel models such as the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Chevrolet S10.

The hybrid pickup is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, which can be recharged at sockets. The battery capacity was not revealed, but BYD said it can be charged from 30% to 80% in just 20 minutes in 40 kW fast chargers.

Photo: Autoesporte reproduction

The mechanical assembly includes a 1.5 hp 192 turbo engine, in addition to two electric motors – one at the front 228 hp and 31,6 kgfm and another rear with 201 hp and 34,7 kgfm, totalizing 430 horsepower. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes an impressive 5,7 seconds.

Consumption and autonomy of the hybrid pickup truck

BYD Shark impresses with its fuel consumption. Using only the gasoline engine, the pickup achieves 13,3 km/l. In hybrid mode, combining combustion and electric engines, the consumption can reach 65 km/l. Total autonomy, according to the European cycle, is 840 km, and in 100% electric mode, the pickup can travel up to 100 km on a single charge.

The Shark measures 5,46 meters long, 1,97 meters wide and has a wheelbase of 3,26 meters, making it slightly bigger than the Ford Ranger. load capacity is 835 kg, slightly below diesel competitors that usually carry around 1 ton.

Meet the BYD Shark pickup truck

Off-road performance and advanced suspension

The Shark's front and rear independent double wishbone suspension is unusual for pickup trucks, which generally use a rigid rear axle. The system of all-wheel drive adjusts torque distribution between the wheels in milliseconds, providing excellent performance on difficult terrain.

The approach and departure angles are 30° and 19,2°, respectively. The robust and boxy design, with a high hood and LED headlights connected by an illuminated piece, evokes the aggressiveness of a shark, inspiration for the model's name.

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