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Starts the process of replacing oil thermal plants with natural gas

Written by Renato Oliveira
Published 30/08/2019 às 15:12


Natural gas is the future
Natural gas entering the thermoelectric plants

Substitution by natural gas and coal is the keynote in a process initiated by the government and the launch of the public consultation, which took place this Friday (30/08)

As Click Petróleo e Gás had already announced, Government wants, as of 2020, to start replacing thermal plants oil by gas from the pre-salt.
Therefore, the government launched, through the MME, a public consultation already targeting the A-4 auction that should take place on March 31, 2020.
According to the document, the plants, which may be natural gas or coal and new or existing, must be able to operate by December 31, 2023.

The new contracted plants will replace the existing oil plants with contracts expiring in 2023 and the MME communiqué says the following: as well as remaining contracts of the Priority Thermoelectricity Program (PPT)”.

Thermal oil plants have a high operating cost and are considered financially unfeasible according to a survey carried out by the government.
The government wants to gradually replace them with others (new or existing) of lower cost, less polluting and it will be the first auction of the type that the MME will promote.

Coal is new

Coal-fuelled plants may also participate in the bidding and the contracts for the winners will last for 15 years. The public consultation runs until September 11, according to the MME.

Another bidding process that is being eagerly awaited by the energy market is the A-6 new energy auction, as Petrobras should participate , already under the influence of market liberalization after the launch of the Novo Mercado do Gás by the federal government.

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Renato Oliveira

Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Manufacturing and assembly of pipelines with 30 years of experience in inspection/manufacturing/assembly of pipelines/tests/Planning and PCP and commissioning in shipbuilding/offshore (conversion of FPSO's hulls and topsides modules) in the largest national shipyards and 2 years in a Japanese shipyard (Kawasaki) inspecting and accompanying fabrication and assembly techniques of structures/pipes/outfittings (advanced finishing) for hull from Drillships.

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