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Comperj's real signings began in Rio

2 from 2018 to 07 at 57: XNUMX
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keuri method works upgn email

Kerui Metodo has just released less than 24 hours ago the great August selection process for the Refinery construction works carried out

As promised by Kerui Metodo, the Comperj works would begin a new contracting phase between the end of July and the beginning of August, and it happened exactly as agreed. Until then, the first contracts and activities were exclusively aimed at preparing the construction site and preparing the base for the construction of the UPGN, well, this phase has already been completed and now the actual construction of the oil processing system (UPGN) begins ). Here's a description of the opportunities:

Positions and how to apply

Helper (20 places)
Shipowner (11 vacancies)
Carpenter (4 vacancies)
Civil Supervisor (6 vacancies)
Adjuster Mechanic (1 vacancy)
Maintenance Mechanic (1 vacancy)
Civil Master (1 vacancy)
Assembler (4 vacancies)
Scaffolding Assembler (8 vacancies)
Backhoe Operator (1 vacancy)
Patrol Operator (1 vacancy)
Bricklayer (14 vacancies)
Welder (1 vacancy)

For those who want to be part of the Kerui Method team and work on these works at Comperj, this could be an opportunity! In August, KM will open a selection process for the vacancies below. If you fit the profile of these vacancies, send your resume to: and put the position you are applying for in the subject.

Application and Works at Reduc

There will be more news and job vacancies on our portal throughout the day, stay tuned and don't miss anything that happens in the energy and construction market in Brazil. Our app “JOBS AND NEWS CPG”, which you can easily download from Google Play, is also booming. Remembering that CPL Construtora also took over the Reduc works in Rio de Janeiro, maintenance contract for 2 years, check the article here and the correct way to apply.

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