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Use your LinkedIn profile to attract job interviews

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Using your Linkedin profile to your advantage
Using your Linkedin profile to your advantage

Using your Linkedin profile correctly will greatly increase your chances of getting that long-awaited job interview.

Knowing how to use your LinkedIn profile to your advantage will help you considerably to get job interview chances and, consequently, the long-awaited vacancy in the job market. It's not enough just to exist on this social network, you need to interact with other users, at least those in your area. It is worth remembering that, despite being a social network like Facebook or WhatsApp, the posture on LinkedIn needs to be professional.

Existing on this social network, and being seen, requires a certain amount of effort on your part so that users get to know you and see you as a professional in that particular area. having millions of connections does not necessarily represent being on the right path, so it is very important that, preferably, your network has the maximum number of connections that are engaged with what you are looking for.

Sharing, liking and commenting are also part of Linkedin but it is worth remembering that this is a professional-oriented network and therefore some basic precautions need to be taken with care, such as: keeping the profile complete, photos according to who proposes to be exposed to a future employer and avoid posting controversial situations and outside the context of the network.

have many connections

Accepting any person or company as your connection on LinkedIn is not necessarily guaranteed success for you. The best thing is that you add, or accept, connections that identify with what you are looking for, with your work area, etc. If you are new to the job market, it is worth inviting relatives, schoolmates, neighbors, teachers, etc.


Publishing or sharing news, articles or vacancies on LinkedIn at least three times a week will make you be seen by the network and become better known. It is worth remembering that what you publish must be within what you show yourself to be in your profile. Imagine that you are a production engineer but you post articles about cooking. Probably this type of information can show everyone that you don't have a defined focus and with that, confuse the purpose of your image on the net. Think of LinkedIn as a powerful tool to bring you closer to your new job or the company to your new professional.

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