Home Siemens company targets the Brazilian oil and gas sector for new demand for products

Siemens company targets the Brazilian oil and gas sector for new demand for products

5 October 2018 to 07: 21
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Siemens company

With the evolution of technology, solutions and strategies, this growth of Siemens is a leap in the evolution of the sector

After renewing Repetro, the multinational Siemens saw an opportunity to increase the supply of solutions produced at its plant in Santa Barbara d'Oeste in São Paulo. According to the company's director of Oil and Gas in Brazil Claudio Makarovsky, the strategy is to extend the scope of products manufactured in his company. In addition to offering the compression skid, they also offer the module. By establishing partnerships with shipyards to manufacture modules, the executive also explained that the company intends to offer the option of renting equipment and 30 years of maintenance.

Makarovsky states that the company's participation in bids for five platforms should be defined in the coming months and early next year. There are news for 2019, such as at least two more platforms in the Libra field, the Carcará project and new projects by other operators.

In addition to technologies that are maturing in the oil and gas market, such as the Subsea Power Grid, the company is presenting local content solutions to the market in a competitive manner, due to the new Repetro policies. Managing to reach the international price, even challenging some suppliers to return to the market.

The Subsea Power Grid is a JIP that brings controlled power to the seabed. In the case of satellite wells, for example, a platform instead of being installed on top of the well, with this technology it is possible to lower a single umbilical and distribute all the energy.

The news is in the digitalization area and some partnerships of a branch of Siemens called Next 47 which is a startup accelerator. From this group in question they brought a cyberattack protection system. “The main focus has been digitalization, we brought in a partner who put the internet of things inside a valve, that is, it manages to detect leaks, noise and transmit all of this through the cloud” informed the director about this further advance of the program from Siemens called MindSphere.

Another product presented by the company is Mind Twin, which integrates several silos that are natural from the oil industry, where data owners do not share this information. This product allows you to completely monitor a database, from maintenance, operation, asset management and project phase.

With the increase of this scope and the innovations that Siemens is presenting, in addition to the interest of companies like Petrobras, which has just created a digital transformation general management, incentivized and increasing their expectations for the Oil and Gas market to be as prosperous as possible.

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