Home Maintenance companies and steel mills hire with blood in their eyes

Maintenance companies and steel mills hire with blood in their eyes

27 March 2018 to 17: 58
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vacancies in the steel industry and ph transport

There are openings for both those with a fundamental and technical level to work in large companies in works with recently signed contracts

Companies are certainly losing their shyness at the beginning of 2018 and consolidating expectations, although they are still very slow, opportunities are arising in many people getting jobs, most of them with the help of our portal through daily announcements, you can check out some of them by accessing the RELOCATED SESSION on this page. Today (27) another great selection process will be officially revealed by our portal, more details you can check below.

  • Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) has finally started hiring and is calling for professionals in the following roles: Electricians, Mechanics and Maintenance Technicians. They can be candidates from anywhere in Brazil who have experience in the function and availability to travel.
  • PH Transportes has also just released another selection process for vacancies: Storekeeper, Maintenance Controller, Electromechanical, Mechanic and Welder. These units are for work in her unit located in the city of Sapucaia do Sul and the requirements and experiences for these vacancies were not informed.

To apply at CSN, send your CV to As for PH Transportes, the e-mail address is If you want, below you can check the original publications of the company. Good luck and let us know when you hear back from the company, no matter if it's positive or negative.

CSN and PH Transportes

                       Company publications, click to enlarge

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