Home Fuel ice will be the energy of the future: China has finally managed to extract this new source

Fuel ice will be the energy of the future: China has finally managed to extract this new source

17 June 2017 to 08: 43
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China is the first nation to extract fuel from ice

Celebrating a lot, China is the first nation that managed to extract the so-called "Fuel Ice" in super deep waters in May

China just won the title of first nation to extract natural gas from ice in deep and super deep waters. Affectionately nicknamed “fuel ice”, this new input is already considered the energy of the future, although many entities have warned about the consequences of this type of extraction.

Incessantly for about 8 days of work on may, China managed to capture 8.350 cubic meters per day of this new type of fuel, says Chinese minister Jiang Daming. He even endorses that finally the country will experience a “true energy revolution”.

The head of China's Ministry of Geology, Li Jinfa, came to the conclusion that fuel ice stocks in its waters are equivalent to 80 tons of oil, which would supply the country's energy demands for about 20 years or more.

But after all, how is it possible to extract fuel from ice?

It turns out that fuel ice is a substance composed of water and natural gas. It is only found in deep, cold waters in the marine environment.

Found for the first time in the former Soviet Union in the 60s, this type of fuel is literally in the form of ice, but when it is melted and depressurized, the water is removed releasing natural gas. It has been produced for thousands of years by the excrement of bacteria that live in the depths of the oceans or in permafrost (permanently frozen soil).

There are several types of fuel ice, but China was successful in the type  methane hydrate, which is currently the most abundant.

The research institution Efe says that this type of fossil fuel is a clean and very abundant source and that the question now is to work on the type of technology that is capable of extracting it on a large scale and that is commercially viable.

fuel ice

                                                               fuel ice

interested and disinterested

Naturally, China and Japan are very interested for 2 very simple factors: They have colossal energy consumption but almost no energy sources, depending a lot on other countries to supply their nations energy demands, but they hope to turn this game as early as possible.

Even so, there are still questions and fears, because it is not known what kind of impact this type of large-scale extraction would have on the environment.

Methane has a very large explosion potential and is actually an unprecedented risk! Being stronger than carbon oxide, this gas could also greatly impact global warming.

The Chinese government has said it will prioritize the preservation of the environment. Li Jinfa said that there is no point in eastern countries coming up with a "talk or pressure" that impedes the project, as this would be hypocrisy, as western countries consume about 40% of fossil fuels in the world and many of them have already had accidents, spilling oil in the sea and destroying marine life, even humans.

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