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Great invention for paving and concreting curved surfaces

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 30/04/2020 às 11:57
paving engineering-project concreting usa

The company Curb Roller has eliminated paving time and imperfections from road projects with this method.

See these road workers working a rotating drum on a paving project. Weighing in at around 1000 pounds (453 Kg) and measuring 24 inches (58 cm) wide and 52” (132 cm in diameter), the drum was pulled by a cable trolley on both sides by a guide roller called Hydra Screed from company Curb Roller. This configuration and work method allowed for a reduction in the time to complete projects of this nature and inconsistencies caused by rain, in addition to uniformity in the finish of the project.

Paulo Nogueira

With a technical background, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.

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