Home Registrations extended: Brazilian Army extends the selection process deadline for people up to 40 years old and offers a starting salary of R$10 per month; Selection does not require a contest!

Registrations extended: Brazilian Army extends the selection process deadline for people up to 40 years old and offers a starting salary of R$10 per month; Selection does not require a contest!

21 May 2024 to 00: 18
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Army extends registration deadline for the selection process for people up to 40 years old
Photo: Army soldiers during a ceremony in 2019 | Photo: Palácio do Planalto

Selection process Brazilian Army extends registration for vacancies without competition. Vacancies in the Army offer salaries of up to R$10 in various positions, check out!

The selection process for vacancies without competition in the Brazilian Army had its registration deadline extended for those interested in joining the armed force on a temporary and voluntary basis. Now, registration for vacancies in the Army remains open until 23:59 pm on May 28th, directly through the 8º RM website.

Who can apply for vacancies without a competitive exam in the Army?

The vacancies in the Army are all focused on 8th Military Region, which comprises the states of Pará, Maranhão, Amapá and northern Tocantins. With salaries reaching around R$10, vacancies are offered to those who have elementary to higher level in the positions of Corporal, Sergeant and Technical Officers.

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According to the Brazilian Army's selection process notices, applications from candidates with a wide variety of academic backgrounds will be accepted. For entry as Sergeant In vacancies without competition, technical level training is listed in technical courses in administration, accounting, buildings, design, electrical engineering, nursing, gastronomy, pharmacy, logistics, among others.

Among the higher-level positions listed in the notice are, for example, administration, biomedicine, architecture, nursing, engineering, nutrition, psychology, social work, physiotherapy, IT, law, social communication, among many others. The vacancies in the Army for Corporals, in turn, are linked to the positions of driver, carpenter assistant, kitchen assistant, mechanic assistant, among others. 

Find out how to register for the selection process for vacancies in the Army

Those interested in registering must meet the following requirements:

Being Brazilian by birth;

Be at least 1,60 meters tall if male, and 1,55 meters tall if female;

Be at most 40 years old;

Have successfully completed, up until the day before registration begins, the professional qualification course for the desired vacancy;

Be in possession of a diploma of completion of a Higher Education course, recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC), or by other Ministries of the Republic.

Those who meet these requirements can register for free in the Brazilian Army selection process.

The Army's non-competition vacancy process includes the stages of registration, disclosure of those enrolled with the initial score, face-to-face verification of documentation and disclosure of the Result of the Curricular Assessment, Health Inspection (IS), Didactic Assessment (Only for Teaching vacancies ), Physical Fitness Exam (EAF), Complementary Health Inspection, Acceptance of the vacancy and Incorporation.


Opportunities and Remuneration in the Armed Forces

At this point, the vacancies allocated to graduates in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary medicine have not yet been specified. However, they are all in the aspiring officer category, with a starting salary of R$6.993. This same value is offered for the positions of temporary technical officer and temporary technical officer – teaching.

For temporary technical sergeants, pay varies between R$3.825, R$4.770 and R$5.843. For those who are approved as a temporary specialist corporal, the salary can reach BRL 2.627 monthly.

The Physical Fitness test for positions in the Army, one of the most difficult, consists of 10 push-ups on the ground, with no time limit, 20 overhead sit-ups and a 12-minute run. Therefore, to be considered fit, the volunteer must pass the stipulated minimum distance mark before the end of the 12 minutes. Any volunteer who does not pass the mark will be considered Unfit and will be eliminated from the selection process.

Brazilian Army highlights main advantages the simplified selection process

Those approved in the Brazilian Army's selection process enjoy several benefits compared to employees of private sector companies.

Security, salaries above the market average, stability, predictability and, above all, the opportunity to serve and represent Brazil, including in other countries, are some of the advantages of joining Armed forces.

Temporary military service can also be a springboard for those who wish to deepen their studies, whether in specializations, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, among others. The work regime in military units varies according to the purpose of each unit.

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