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Librelato SA announced the official selection process on October 16

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 25/09/2017 às 10:20


Hiring at Librelato will start on October 16 in road concession works, an excellent chance of repositioning in the market.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A libretto exclaimed this week in this form on social media: “Great chance to get back into the job market!”. She announced her selection process season on Linkedin for recently signed contracts in concession works, this means employment everywhere, but for what seems to be the undertaking they have a very short contractual date, about a little over 2 months, but for who's been on the rocks since 2015, where this crisis gained strength in a huge way, there's not much to choose from, right? Just below, see the vacancies she is making available.

Welding Assemblers (46 vacancies), Painters(4), Installer Assemblers(4), Jatists(1), Production Assistants(2) and Plasma Machine Operators/Submerged Arc/Bender/Calender(4). In the print taken just below the company's publication, you will have a better overview of what Click Petróleo e Gás is saying, remembering that the opportunities are official and from true sources.

How to apply

To apply for the vacancies described by Librelato, you will need to access THE OFFICIAL COMPANY WEBSITE HERE, fill out the application form online, so please do it on the computer. There is also a second option, which is to call Juliene from Human Resources directly on the telephone number 48 – 34672280. The third option is to send an email to juliane.leopoldo@librelato.com.br, requesting more information about vacancies. The source and official publication of the company you can check here. For more updated vacancies in this branch and others, access the section jobs from this blog.

About a company

Librelato has a diversified line of semi-trailers, bit-trains, road-trains, also operating in the light line. Among the most sold products, open load semi-trailers (bulk carriers) and dump semi-trailers. DELA's mission is to develop transport solutions that ensure full customer satisfaction with excellent service.

Paulo Nogueira

With a technical background, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.

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