Home Macaé has hopes at the Brasil Offshore 2017 fair for the city's economic recovery

Macaé has hopes at the Brasil Offshore 2017 fair for the city's economic recovery

29 April 2017 10 gies: 00
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Macaé has hopes at the Brasil Offshore 2017 fair for the city's economic recovery

In its 9th edition, Macaé has the Brasil Offshore fair as the last front line in the fight against economic recession that hangs over the city

Macaé has undeniably always been considered a reference in oil and gas activities in Brazil, above all in the offshore sector. Nowadays, with the start of the Lava Jato operations that hit Petrobras, which in turn owns one of its main bases of operations in the municipality, now suffers because its main source of income is at risk of disappearing. You can check the reason in the article that says that 80% of offshore activities will be transferred to Porto do Açú.

The Brasil Offshore fair, which will be in its 9th edition in the city from the 20th to the 23rd of June, has always been the symbol of innovation and technology, and it really is what it does and motivates companies, mainly multinationals to invest in the city, exposing their products, negotiating partnerships with other companies and consequently, generating jobs in the sector or indirectly.

At the Avant Premiére, the fair's pre-launch event that brought together the world's largest oil companies, which we participated in and you can check accessing here, the multinationals themselves said that outside, there is much talk of Macaé as the main goal and objective for new installations and development, only remaining to overcome some political, taxing and operational obstacles that Brazilian legislation imposes on them. In their opinion, the main villain for these obstacles has a very specific name: Local Content (in another article I will explain what it is and how it affects the economy and job creation in the country).

Good dear reader, the challenge is launched and the cards are on the table. At this moment, everything is very delicate and thorough. For those who live in Macaé and surrounding cities, the moment of truth is now. So do your part, let's go to the fair to honor the event by making a quick registration at this link If you want to sign the petition to speed up the construction of Porto do Barreto, click here.

Also join the group São João da Barra, Porto do Açú, economy and jobs.

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