Home Macaé restarts its economic recovery and gains prominence in the media

Macaé restarts its economic recovery and gains prominence in the media

15 May 2018 to 18: 44
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Crisis in Macaé 630 stores closed from January to May 2017

With the recent resumption of jobs in the oil and gas sector, Macaé gains economic breath and the other sectors follow the flow

The Brazilian oil and gas industry is showing its first reactions towards recovery, and the city where this affirmation is most pronounced is in the municipality of Macaé, affectionately known as the National Petroleum Capital, located in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. With new firms moving to the city since last year, statistics in favor of employment and the economy have been in a positive balance, according to the Ministry of Labor and Employment (See the numbers and justifications by accessing the article here).

Due to the strong economic recession that hit all of Brazil, mainly Macaé, the brutal drop in the price of a barrel of oil and the divestments of the state-owned Petrobras, the situation was unsustainable. Many companies were unable to maintain themselves and left the city, consequently, thousands of people were left without work and many entrepreneurs were very suspicious of whether or not they should have hope of investing in the city.

After 4 years on a tightrope, the price of oil finally started to rise, Petrobras put into practice its plans to reduce costs, the government began interventions to ease the laws for oil companies, the Brazilian oil market was opened to foreigners and the great landmark of the oil auctions, which captivated many global companies, since Petrobras lost the obligation to explore all assets in our waters.

Well, after a lot of ups and downs, the plans started to pay off, the auctions were successful and approvals to start the maintenance shutdowns on platforms in the Campos Basin are in full swing. In the month of May, many companies specializing in this type of service began to hire, rehire and call many former former employees back to their staff, you can check which are these companies in the article we did this week.

The hotel sector started to get busier in the city, trade is already more heated and if you look at the height of Praia da Barra, you can clearly see the increase in the number of support vessels. over there, that was what was in my field of vision, there should be a lot more in operations. Watch the short video we recorded from the coast:

In addition, now the City Airport will receive commercial flights from all over Brazil, this will solve a logistical problem that the city has been suffering for many years, since people from all over the country and even the world go to Macaé and for that, it is necessary to make many stopovers and take many land transports to reach the municipality. Who is responsible for the works is a mining company that won the bid last month. Check out the details of these works here.

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