Home Macaé returns from the ashes: 3 large companies want to come to the city and touch Porto do Barreto

Macaé returns from the ashes: 3 large companies want to come to the city and touch Porto do Barreto

6 May 2017 to 10: 17
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Petrobras left Macaé but other companies now want to take over the city, exclusive interview given to Click Petróleo e Gás, check out the audio

Macae internationally recognized due to its activities in the oil and gas industry, as well as other cities in the sector, has been suffering from the crisis, as you can see in the article by accessing here, this is nothing new for anyone. This difficulty is exacerbated by the transfer of approximately 80% of the company's activities Petrobras from the municipality to Porto do Açú, that's a fact and there's no turning back! However, in the search for more information about the situation in Macaé and what would be the most viable economic solution in the short term, I got technical and REVEALING information that revived the hopes of our Little Princess of the Atlantic and mine of course, after all I am also a resident of city ​​and I like it here, despite the problems and difficulties. In the next paragraphs, you will know in detail everything that was revealed in the interview, the text is a little long, if you can't read it now, save the link on your Facebook or share it so you don't forget it if you don't have time now.

Rita Coelho, who is one of the representatives of the Macaé Porto Já movement, revealed that Macaé is no longer able to dock large ships because the port of Imbetiba is very silted and the dredging works were not carried out in due time. As a consequence, these vessels cannot enter because of the depth, it is too shallow. In addition, the port of Açú holds around 47 vessels at a time, against 6 at Imbetiba, this among others was one of the main reasons for the migration.

But that's where the big balcony begins! Technical studies reveal that Porto do Barreto is the hope of the moment. The work for this project right away would generate about 4 thousand jobs in construction alone, after it was ready, just inside the port 1000 direct jobs would also be generated, restoring purchasing power to the Macanese, resuming offshore operations in the city and neighboring counties.

What is missing after all to play this project?

Incredible as it may seem, what is missing is just a signature from the current mayor Aluízio Júnior, sanctioning the Zoning Law, to convert the project area into an industrial hub.  3 LARGE COMPANIES ARE ALREADY IDLE AND READY TO COME IN AND RUN THE WORK. Rita says that it is a complex work and that it will take more than a year of activities, in other words: economy turning in the city!

“According to the mayor, amendments were made to the law that benefit only 2 entrepreneurs within the industrial zone, whether it is a war of egos, we do not know. If it's a question of a tantrum between the mayor and these executives, we don't know either. If he wants some advantage to be able to release it, we don't know either, because the hearts of others are land that nobody treads on”, exclaims Rita, indignant with the situation.

She also adds that they can use the restinga as an excuse for not making the port. But this area is not part of a protected environmental zone, and there are people invading land in the region. So would it be more advantageous to have jobs or raiding on site?



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