Home Company from Rio das Ostras hires Scaffolding Assembler

Company from Rio das Ostras hires Scaffolding Assembler

28 May 2018 to 07: 40
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Rio Ostras Scaffolding Assembler

Professionals with experience in the role as Scaffolding Assembler are called to work at a company in Rio das Ostras

If you are a Scaffolding Assembler, here is a good opportunity to try a replacement. RC Andaimes, which is located in the city of Rio das Ostras, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, is looking for professionals who have experience in this area and are available to work on some of their works. It is worth mentioning that the vacancies are not offshore, they are for onshore activities. If you want offshore jobs in this area, here is a list of some companies that usually hire, but for this vacancy, follow the requirements and contact:

Minimum requirements

A company located in Rio das Ostras is in a selective process for an experienced Adaimes Assembler. The hiring system is intermittent, with a formal contract, transport/food allowance. Area courses and complete elementary education. Monday to Friday and with preference for residents of Rio das Ostras, but it is not eliminatory. Forward resume to, informing the function in the subject of the message.

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