Home Offshore multinational starts hiring Brazilians to seek platform outside the country

Offshore multinational starts hiring Brazilians to seek platform outside the country

28 November 2017 to 12: 52
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International company

Company based in Australia is looking for qualified professionals in offshore functions and with availability to travel immediately

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]An opportunity just came up. Company from the international offshore segment has just announced a selection process for all functions. You know what the best part is? Brazilians are in! Click Petróleo e Gás got in touch and the company immediately replied with all the functions it needs at the moment, check it out below:

Rig Manager, Offshore Installation Manager, Toolpusher, Subsea Engineer, Drilling Superintendent, Driller, Assistant Driller, Derrickman ( Torristas), Pumpman (Pumpers), Floorman (Deck Sailor), Roughnecks (Platformists), Dogman (we don't know what it is), Roustabouts (Area men), Welders (Welders), Radio Operators (Radio Operators), Rig File Clerk (Probe Archivist), Rig Mechanic (Probe Mechanic), Assistant Mechanics (Auxiliary Mechanics), Rig Electrician (Probe Electrician), Assistant Electrician (Electrician Assistant), Motorman (Machinery Officer or something along those lines) , Electronic Technician, Barge Captain and HSE Advisor.

Read carefully: The company informs that Brazilians must be in a legal situation to travel, with no passport restrictions. Relevant experience in the offshore industry is required. Technical, higher or professional training in the functions mentioned above. We translate the functions, but in fact it doesn't help much, if by chance the company calls you or sends you an email, it will probably be in English, if you haven't mastered the language yet, then run after it as soon as possible. See the company publication below:

To apply for vacancies, send an e-mail to two different addresses, e, informing in the title the name of the vacancy and nationality in English. You will probably receive instructions in a maximum of 2 hours to also register in their system, keep an eye on your emails and on our Facebook page. Marcão got the long-awaited international offshore vacancy through our publications, check the article here.

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