Home New 'cheap' conversion kit turns any ordinary bicycle into an electric one and promises to change urban mobility 

New 'cheap' conversion kit turns any ordinary bicycle into an electric one and promises to change urban mobility 

11 June 2024 to 07: 25
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New 'cheap' conversion kit turns any regular bike into an electric one
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New affordable option: company launches 'cheap' conversion kit that promises to transform any ordinary bicycle into an electric one.

Electric bicycles are gaining more and more space in the market, especially in Europe and Asia, thanks to being an economical and practical option for everyday life. However, in Brazil, the high cost is still a barrier for many interested parties. In this context, an innovative solution emerges: a new 'cheap' conversion kit that promises to transform any ordinary bicycle into an electric one, making sustainable mobility more accessible.

Discover the differences between the 'cheap' conversion kit that transforms any ordinary bicycle into an electric one

The new conversion kit was launched by the urban mobility company CLIP. The kit that transforms a common bicycle into an electric one is not exactly new, as there are other models available for purchase on the market, however, this 'cheap' conversion kit promises to work in a simpler way.

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O clip is a portable, removable, friction-driven device. Its electric motor housed in the housing has rollers that are in contact with the front tire, propelling the vehicle and transforming a common bicycle into an electric one. The friction drive in the 'electric bike' offers up to 24 km/h speed depending on the weight of the bike.

According to the manufacturer, the conversion kit is compatible with practically any bicycle with rubber tires. rims 26 to 28. As the featured image in the article shows, the equipment is attached to a fixed point on the bicycle's front fork. According to the manufacturer itself, the user does not need any tools to transform their bike into an electric bicycle.

Kit that transforms ordinary bicycle into electric delivers 19 km of autonomy

The 'cheap' conversion kit to change a common bicycle model and transform it into an electric bicycle is sold in two versions, namely the Explorer and Commuter. The main difference between the versions is the battery capacity. The Commuter delivers a battery smaller than 96 watt-hours, 30 minutes of charging time and a range of approximately 9 km.

The Explorer version, more powerful, delivers a 196 watt-hour battery, more than double the range (19km), however it needs an hour at the socket to fully charge. The entry-level version of the kit that transforms a regular bicycle into an electric one meets certifications that allow transport on commercial airlines, according to the manufacturer CLIP.

Whereas an electric bicycle costs an average of R$5 in Brazil, Products like this 'cheap' conversion kit are an alternative for those who already have a regular bicycle at home and don't want to spend so much on a new one.

The product starts at US$499, around R$2.600 at the current price, almost half the value of an electric bicycle sold at retail. The issue is that similar accessories normally do not reach the national market and depend on imports, so the final price is no longer attractive due to taxes.

E-Switchy also gains prominence in the market mobility

In addition to this 'cheap' conversion kit that turns a regular bicycle into an electric one, there are several other similar kits on the market.

Among them is the E-Switchy, which costs less than 600 euros and an installation time of 5 minutes. The conversion kit is sold by Switchy, where the equipment is based on offering easy and affordable ways to electrify any model of bicycle.

The aim is simple, but very powerful, the kits are sold in up to three different models, namely Switch Onde, Two and Three, which promises to adapt to the requirements of each cyclist. The conversion is carried out very simply, just replace the front wheel with the one delivered by the conversion kit.

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