Home The Enseada Shipyard launches a new brand and will once again compete in the naval industry

The Enseada Shipyard launches a new brand and will once again compete in the naval industry

24 from 2018 to 16 at 43: XNUMX
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New brand strengthens Enseada to resume the Brazilian shipbuilding industry with the largest national and international players

After a long period of restructuring, in which Enseada was heavily impacted by the sector's crisis, the company is ready and reorganized to once again compete with the largest players national and international shipbuilding industry and offshore. In addition to carrying out a strategic repositioning, which expanded the company's scope of action, while preserving its naval vocation and offshore, Enseada launches today (24/08) its new brand.

More modern, dynamic and with a Brazilian touch, the logo reflects well the new moment experienced by Enseada, which brings together state-of-the-art technology, a long-term vision, a spirit of improvement, a strong policy of sustainability and ethical action.

Enseada's new brand expresses well the possible balance between nature and industry. In addition to being inspired by the modularity of production, the new graphic art refers to the dynamism of the naval industry and the company's modern industrial park, implemented, licensed and operational in Maragojipe/BA.

According to the president of Enseada, Maurício Almeida, the company is prepared to build a more productive, competitive and sustainable future. “We are backed by what is most modern in the world, a 5th generation shipyard, and ready to go back to generating jobs and development for Brazil”, comments Almeida. Check out the company's new brand in the photo below:

The Rio Maguari Shipyard also manages to do a great deal with a Canadian company for the construction of support vessels and will expand its business to many countries neighboring ours. Want to know more details about this endeavor? Access the article here.

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