Home Brazilian shipyard partners and will complete 60 vessels in 2018

Brazilian shipyard partners and will complete 60 vessels in 2018

22 from 2018 to 08 at 19: XNUMX
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With the intention of expanding its influence beyond the national territory, the Rio Maguari Shipyard gets a great deal with a Canadian company

With a strong Brazilian presence in the construction of support tugboats, Estaleiro Rio Maguari has just entered into a great partnership with Robert Allan, a company originally from Canada to manufacture these vessels, it is worth mentioning that this project will be in Brazil. The contract has not yet been signed, but according to the shipyard's director, Fabio Vasconcellos, talks are solid and the contract will be announced in the coming months.

Despite the scope of the business targeting the national territory, countries alongside ours such as Chile, Peru, the Caribbean and Colombia are being popular for new business levers as well.

Robert Allan specializes in designing “pusher” type vessels and invited the Rio Maguari Shipyard due to its history of good performance in construction and quality in these types of projects, the intention being that the shipyard will be the official partner of the company in South America. South.

commercial director of Rio Maguari, Fábio Vasconcellos

In the oil and gas sector in Brazil, the company informs that it also has its eyes wide open and wants to be part of this market share, naturally for shipbuilding in Brazil, this is one of the most interesting modalities, despite the fact that the shipyard is midsize.

According to the director of the company, in the last 5 years the company managed to complete around 350 vessels and by the end of 2018, 60 will be delivered, taking into account tugboats and barges. In 2019 this number will be much higher.

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