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Ocyan presents its new management to the market

Written by CDN Communication
Published 28/05/2024 às 09:47

Last Thursday, the 23rd, Ocyan presented its new management team and Board of Directors after the acquisition of 100% of the company's stake by the EIG fund and Lakepar Investimentos. The event, held at the Hilton Rio de Janeiro hotel, in Copacabana, was attended by more than 150 people from various companies, such as customers, partners, the financial market, legal offices and suppliers.

According to Jorge Luiz Mitidieri, new president of Ocyan, who assumed the position in April, these changes pave the way for a new moment and bring opportunities for even greater growth and development. “We can say that we are opening paths for new partnerships and businesses along this path that emerge from now on. Our future is promising, as there are many possibilities that we are studying”, highlights the CEO of Ocyan.

Ocyan's new management structure was presented during the president's speech at the event.

Today, Ocyan's team comprises three new business units: Offshore Production Unit, led by Executive Vice-President, Guilherme Britto; Subsea Construction Unit, led by Executive Vice-President, Rodrigo Lemos and Services Unit, by Executive Vice-President Marcelo Nunes. In addition to them, the other directors: Helena Ramos, Vice President of Finance and Investments (CFO); Fernanda Cascardo, Compliance Director; Carolina Cunha, Legal Director; Fabiano Sales, director of People and Management and Marcelo Mafra, director of Sustainability.

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Manuela Motta, journalist, press officer at CDN Comunicação.

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