Home Great opportunity for Sales Manager (Fuel and Lubricant Solutions)

Great opportunity for Sales Manager (Fuel and Lubricant Solutions)

11 July 2018 to 16: 18
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sales manager jobs basf brazil

A large company has a great opportunity in the sales area and continues to select for some openings in Brazil. Below is the procedure to participate in the selection process.

One of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil and in the world is the sales and marketing area and all companies that want to make profits need to form a team of managers with a high level of knowledge, performance and who master the main business tools. BASF Brasil is hiring a Sales Manager with a focus on Fuel and Lubricant Solutions. The professional who wants to join the BASF sales team needs to follow the requirements established by the company. So let's meet these requirements?

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  • Complete higher education in Engineering, Chemistry or related areas; Desirable MBA
  • Solid experience in the commercial area
  • Experience managing large accounts
  • Experience in the fuel, lubricants and/or automakers market
  • Team leadership experience;
  • Advanced English

Main activities:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of business strategies
  • Manage and ensure the execution of sales plans for global and regional accounts.
  • Accelerate the implementation of technical and commercial projects in the area
  • Manage and ensure the updating of product prices
  • Manage and ensure the maximization of business profitability and other KPI's
  • Accelerate development of distribution and partnerships
  • Manage and develop a high-performance sales team

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To be part of the BASF group, it is extremely important that the candidateKnow the five behaviors considered key factors for achieving excellence.  

  • Owner attitude, this is my business
  • Customer focus, this is my opportunity
  • People, this is my business
  • Excellence in execution, this is my habit
  • Team spirit, this is my conviction

To apply for a job, click here and go to the company's direct application page, you will need to create a login and password.

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