Home Petrobras opens the game and discloses the price of gasoline and diesel without taxes. You won't believe it!

Petrobras opens the game and discloses the price of gasoline and diesel without taxes. You won't believe it!

19 February 2018 to 17: 58
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Much criticized due to the exorbitant prices of fuels in Brazil, Petrobras threw in the towel and shows that the government is the main culprit of the rise in prices

A Petrobras tired of being criticized and pointed out as the main culprit for the rise in fuel prices, she decided to go to her official website and show in numbers that taxes on the primary price of oil are the main factor in the increase in gasoline and diesel prices. Remembering that tomorrow (20), there will be another readjustment in prices, which will naturally lead to another wave of protests across the country.

After the readjustment that will take place tomorrow, gasoline will cost an average of R$1,51 per liter and diesel should cost R$1,73, remembering that these are values ​​without taxes and sold directly from the refinery. It is worth mentioning that these values ​​are based on the national average, free of taxes and that may vary according to the location sold. Remembering that these reformulations may or may not affect the consumer directly.

According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) the final average price of gasoline at gas stations in Brazil in 2016 was 3,69, in 2018 it went to R$ 4,23 a liter, while in this period Petrobras increased only 9 cents . As for diesel, it was R$3,05 in 2016 and rose to R$3,40 in 2018, while it only increased by 12 cents in its prices, values ​​that range from 1/6 to 1/3 of the total in adjustments.

the cooking gas

The value of LPG (cooking gas) in updated prices is costing R$ 23,16 per cylinder weighing 13 kg. Remembering that this price is the average direct sale with distributors and free of taxes and other charges

Price of gasoline and diesel in Brazil
These are just facts and serve as a comparison parameter between the real value of fuels and how much you see in the final price, there are many taxes that hinder the economic development of the country and the installation of new companies. Remembering that exploring in deep and super-deep waters is expensive, it demands a lot of technology. The price of a barrel starts to rise, but it is still far from ideal, until then, the state-owned company asks for patience and charges are made to the real culprits.

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