Home Petrobras completes 10 years producing in the pre-salt layer and will have 13 more platforms by 2022

Petrobras completes 10 years producing in the pre-salt layer and will have 13 more platforms by 2022

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petrobras 10 years of pre-salt

The state-owned company says that 35 billion reais will be invested by 2022, with new units and construction of production wells

Petrobras is celebrating the first ten years of production in the Brazilian pre-salt layer, full of encouraging numbers. This Monday (3), the company released a balance of its operations in the area. The state-owned company reached the unprecedented mark of 1,5 million barrels of oil per day (bpd) – more than the United Kingdom or Oman, in the Middle East, each with an average production of 1 million bpd in 2017. -sal has 21 platforms in operation, but the company intends to increase this number with 13 platforms that should start operating by 2022. The investments planned by the company for the period add up to US$ 35 billion.

Petrobras also announced that the optimization of operating costs and the acceleration of production has resulted in an average cost of extraction below US$ 7 per barrel of oil equivalent. “In the oil industry, accelerating project production is synonymous with anticipating the recovery of employed capital, which is crucial for generating cash and restoring Petrobras' financial health,” declared the oil company.

The company also celebrates the reduction in drilling and well construction time. According to Petrobras, the average time taken to build a marine well in the Santos Basin pre-salt layer was, in 2010, approximately 300 days. In 2017, this time had already been shortened to about 100 days, making the construction of wells three times faster.

Currently, the accumulated pre-salt production has already reached 2 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe). Today, the National Petroleum Agency announced that the total pre-salt production in July (adding all operators) was 1,821 million boe/d, an increase of 3,3% in relation to the previous month, corresponding to 55,1, XNUMX% of the total produced in Brazil. Authorial text of Petronotícias

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