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Petrobras wants to build FPSO hulls in Asia

12 February 2018 to 11: 01
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FPSO Itapu and Buzios

It has already filed a request to revise the local content for the Itaipu and Búzios platforms. Petrobras claims it is cheaper to build abroad

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Petrobras requested the governance of Brazil to review local content metrics in two offshore units com destined for the pre-salt. If the order is successful, the construction of the hulls for these platforms will take place in Asia for the FPSO's Itapu and Búzios. The plateau was sought directly for this conversation and the state-owned company ended up asking that this matter not be made public, more specifically for hearings, which could result in demonstrations, mainly by unionists.

The requisition makes up the body of negotiations in order to reassess the onerous assignment contracts that Petrobras closes with the entire ministerial chain of Mines and Energy and Farm. The state-owned company claims this right to review the treaty on account of the agreement signed in 2010, which established that it could produce more than 5 billion barrels of oil in the pre-salt of the Santos Basin without bidding, provided that the Brazilian government stays with a good part of what is processed in Brazilian lands.

See what the state representatives said: “The onerous assignment agreement contains a forecast for reviewing certain items, including local content indices. In this way, this topic is among those to be negotiated by the respective negotiation commissions, already constituted by Petrobras and the government”, informed the state. It is actually a delicate matter, the hulls of these FPSO's that could be built in Brazil, generating jobs and income for the Brazilian people, will be built abroad, in case this request goes through. In fact, it is much cheaper to build abroad than on our own land, due to the high tax burden that the government imposes on oil companies.

Stay tuned, as the tenders for Transpetro and Petrobras are already open and registrations will close at the beginning of March. But this time the differential is that it has secondary education in almost ALL TECHNICAL TRAINING will have a chance to pass. So, are you going to wait for the opportunity to fall from the sky or do you prefer to change the odds in your favor? Access the article for more information, the links and notices are there explicitly for you to register.

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