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Petrobras says 4 more platforms will be working by October

19 July 2018 to 22: 39
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Petrobras Platforms 2018
Petrobras plans to release 4 platforms.

Another 4 platforms will be working until October this year says Petrobras. The state-owned company is now in the recovery phase.

In the recovery phase due to the delay of projects in the last year Petrobras is expected to put into operation and in full production four more new platforms (Petrobras Platforms). The idea is to start their production in October and December of this year, according to Hugo Repsold (executive director of Production and Technology Development).

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Campos de Lula and Búzios

Work on the units of the Cidade de Campos dos Goytacazes platforms, in the Tartaruga Verde field, in the Campos Basin, and the P-74, in the Búzios field, in the Santos Basin, began in the first six months. The forecast is that now, in the second half, operations will begin at the following units located in the Santos Basin: P-67 and P-69, in the Lula field, and P-75 and P-76, in the Búzios field. There is still one more that is scheduled to start in 2019, the P-68.

Recovery trajectory

Hugo Repsold explains that the reason why the new units (platforms) were accumulated to start operations this year was a reflection of the delay of projects in 2018. Taking advantage of a good recovery phase, the director also commented ““I would say that today Petrobras is very synchronized with all events and we are moving towards sustained growth in production in the coming years".

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Business plan

Without giving further details, Repsold commented that the state-owned company's idea is to have and use its own units from 2023. A matter of strategic decision, Petrobras will decide what is best for the company. Explaining a drop in production in the sixth month of this year, Repsol said that what happened was one-off. Growth will occur with the release of new units and production will inevitably be boosted. In the third quarter of this year there will be a review of the company's business plan aimed precisely at the use of its own platforms, which will be published at the appropriate time, recalls Repsold.


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