Home Petrobras has recovery detonated by Portuguese company.

Petrobras has recovery detonated by Portuguese company.

2 from 2018 to 03 at 03: XNUMX
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Galp detonates Petrobras
Petrobras has recovery detonated by Portuguese company.

Petrobras has a recovery triggered by the Portuguese company Galp, which intends to invest very heavily in Brazil until 2020.

Petrobras has detonated recovery in the face of the billionaire investment of the Portuguese company Galp in Brazil. Galp intends to invest around 1 billion Euros in the country by 2020. This confirmation came after purchasing a 3% stake in the Caracará block, in the Santos basin. With a large participation in the Northeast of Brazil, Galp has been consolidating its presence in the Brazilian market even though it does not yet have the size of the participation of the State-owned Petrobras in the country.

Auction held by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), secured Galp's participation in the Uirapuru block, acquiring 14%. With an air of confidence in the exploratory market, Galp made investments in the “house of millions” with profitability in Carcará and Uirapuru. The area that will be explored by the Portuguese company has great potential and, in partnership with other companies, Galp has offered a surplus of oil to the Federal Government in the form of profit.

Confidence in Petrobras

Around 40 international companies are betting on the Brazilian state-owned company even in the face of several accusations of corruption in the government. Despite oil production having increased less than expected, Petrobras' investments have always been very high. Even with the leaps and bounds, the national economy is recovering slowly but steadily. The most important thing is to be prepared for the rain of opportunities that can arise at any time. So always be up to date with the most important information regarding your profession.

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