Home Petrobras hit the hammer and popped three pre-salt areas at once

Petrobras hit the hammer and popped three pre-salt areas at once

28 May 2017 to 13: 16
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Petrobras exercises preemptive rights over three pre-salt platforms

With preemptive rights, Petrobras chose three of the eight that will be auctioned in the 2nd half of 2017

A Petrobras who is not silly or anything, has already taken the lead and chosen the three most productive areas of the pre-salt in the country in a total of eight. But this is not unconstitutional, on the contrary, there is a law that allows you to have preference in any asset of your choice, regardless of who will win the other consortia, as long as your minimum participation is 30%. Her chosen areas are:

  • Sapinhoá
  • peroba
  • Alto de Cabo Frio

Sapinhoá belongs to the second bid of the bidding rounds, while the areas of Peroba and Cabo Frio Central still belong to the third round, which will probably take place on October 27 of this year.

The estimated investment value for Petrobras, assuming it will maintain this 30% interest rate, will be around R$810 million.

Bearing in mind that in the first pre-salt auctions, more specifically in the Libra area, Petrobras took 40%. The other operators constituted by Shell, Total, CNOOC and CNPC, divided the 60% of the productive sector.

Pedro Parente, president of the state-owned company, said in an interview that the decisions were taken exclusively on technical and financial characteristics that the company is experiencing at the moment.

Solange Guedes, area director, unfortunately added that in order to gather these R$810 million, the company will have to postpone exploratory and production projects, giving priority to BR's divestment plan, despite the fact that activities in this sector are very intense and still hold many areas outside the pre-salt.

About the areas that Petrobras talked about

  1. Sapinhoá It is a region that is already in full activity. It is also in second place in terms of size and daily production of barrels of oil, reaching the mark of 253 barrels every day. Petrobras, Shell and Repsol are operating there.
  2. peroba it is the area that produces the most, which is not very far from Campo de Lula, about fifty kilometers. Petrogal and Shell also operate this area along with Petrobras, of course.
  3. Alto do Cabo Frio Central is a hydrocarbon site with little exploration, but with monstrous potential, as technical studies indicate that this area is the largest ever discovered in national territory.

Still devastated by the crisis, Petrobras hopes with these auctions to regain its name and prestige in the international market, now missing some issues of local content and the political crisis that is plaguing the country.

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