Home Pingtang Bridge, the divine work of engineering over 330 meters high!

Pingtang Bridge, the divine work of engineering over 330 meters high!

3 April 2024 11 gies: 03
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Pingtang Bridge, the divine work of engineering over 330 meters high! A giant of concrete and steel that surpasses the mountains
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Skyscraper bridge built by China wins Engineering award. Discover Pingtang Bridge, a skyscraper that spans the mountains of Guizhou.

More than 330 m high, a concrete and steel giant that crosses above one of China's main rivers has caught the attention not only of the inhabitants of Guizhou province, but of people in the four corners of the planet. This is the Pingtang Bridge, a skyscraper bridge built by China that goes far beyond simplifying transport in the region.

The skyscraper bridge project built by China confirms the The Asian country's vocation for mega constructions with innovative technological solutions and a surprising design. In fact, it is no surprise that the Pingtang Bridge was recognized as three of the world's top Civil Engineering awards.

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Opened in December 2019, the bridge was named after the county in which it is located: Pingtang, Guizhou province, more than 2100 km from the Chinese capital Bejing. The region has a beautiful mountainous landscape full of valleys, rivers and forests.

Understand how the need for the Pingtang Bridge arose

In addition to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, this scenario is home to one of the most important road projects in South China, the Guizhou Expressway, which by 2022 totaled no less than 8.331 km in length.

One of the most memorable sections of the Expressway is the Pingtang Bridge. Located between kilometers 32 and 35 of the Pingtang-Luodian section of the Expressway, the high-rise bridge built by China is 2135 m long.

Although it may seem, and in fact it is a relatively discreet number, it is worth highlighting that the construction has a maximum height of 332 m, making it the third highest bridge in the world and as impressive as these dimensions are the stories and motivations for the construction of this Megaproject . 

Skyscraper bridge built by China receives investment of 1,5 billion yuan

In the case of Pingtang, the main motivation for construction was to improve transport infrastructure in the region in order to connect isolated areas and facilitate access to services and markets for local communities. The project for the skyscraper bridge built by China was updated in 2014 and two years later, in 2016, the design was approved.

In terms of Finance, resources for construction were guaranteed through special funds from the Guizhou Provincial Transport Department, responsible for 35% of the investment, in addition to national bank loans, responsible for the remaining 65%.

The total investment of the Pingtang Bridge project was 1,5 billion yuan, equivalent to 210 million dollars at the time. With approval and the budget secured, work on the skyscraper bridge built by China began in April 2016 with an estimated completion time of 46 months. However, Chinese excellence in civil construction not only ensured on-time delivery but also resulted in one of the most incredible bridge projects on the planet.

The construction of Pingtang Bridge

Built in 2016 and 2019, Pingtang is a 2.135 m long bridge, made up of six lanes with a maximum speed of 80km/h. There are two 550 m long spans and three towers with different measurements up to the top. While the extreme ones are 320 and 298 m, the central one reaches 332 m.

 Initially, plans for the construction of a bridge to cross the Caodu River revolved around suspension bridge schemes with a main span of approximately 1400 m. However, unlike most of Guizhou's long river valleys, the terrain in the center of Caodu Valley is considerably elevated from river level to the small ridge or hill halfway between the high slopes of the gorge.

The main beam has a steel structure 30,2 m wide and 2,98 m high, as well as a 28 cm thick concrete slab. The detailed structure of the Central Pillar is different compared to the side pillars, being composed of 22 pairs of parallel steel cables arranged on each side along the direction of the bridge. 

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