Home Official offshore selection process in Macaé and Rio das Ostras until December 20th. Run!

Official offshore selection process in Macaé and Rio das Ostras until December 20th. Run!

December 13 from 2017 to 17: 58
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Hiring season has begun and two more offshore maintenance firms have opened up more opportunities in the Campos Basin

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The offshore, oil and gas sector is finally in gear and motivated to resume the economy after the recent deals closed in Brazilian territory, with that, companies now have the guarantee of works for more 40 years at least, especially the city of Macaé, which has once again become the focus of major world companies after the president of Petrobras visited the city on the 12th, [see article]. Well, to prove and consolidate the city's strategic position in this segment, two traditional firms in the city have just opened a large selection process, check out the open opportunities:

Company 1 – Area Men, Climbing Instrumentation Technicians, Climbing Mechanical Technicians, Climbing Electrical Technicians, Climbing Electrical Supervisors, Climbing Instrumentation Supervisors, Climbing Mechanics Supervisors. Click here to see the requirements for these vacancies.

Company 2 – Helpers, Technical Assistants, Monitoring Technicians, Interns and administrative assistants. Click here to see the requirements for these vacancies.

The companies that have just opened these vacancies are Alphatec (company 1) and CSE Mecânica e Instrumentação (company 2). Send your resumes to the e-mails to e, it is important to mention in the message if you were once an employee of the companies. Observations: Many complain that the e-mails are coming back, others are able to send them calmly. This is due to Spam practices! Sending emails without you having the qualifications for the position causes your contact to be blocked. It's no use sending e-mails to vacancies that you don't have attributions, you only harm yourself because of that.

It may interest you: See the article about Imetame, everything you need to know definitively, platforms it has taken on, videos and hiring for 2018, access the article here. Matter Sources: Company 1 e Company 2

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