Home Gas production starts to show signs of growth in Brazil

Gas production starts to show signs of growth in Brazil

6 from 2018 from September to 03: 58
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Gas production starts to show signs of growth in Brazil

Investments in gas production promise to bring numerous contracts and industrial advances in the sector according to ANP

The Gas market is starting to show signs of economic growth in Brazil, after years of stagnation without investment and abandoned. According to ANP specialists, the moment is ideal for the resumption of gas pipeline projects, platforms, state-of-the-art equipment to leverage the Brazilian gas industry. The state-owned company is organizing public notices to win over companies to participate in possible auctions where the chance of raising millions from the sale of assets is immense.

The sector's growth

Brazil still imports gas from Bolivia, but with the emergence of the pre-salt layer, the domestic market has become more attractive due to the discovery of new gas sources. Now, exports are decreasing and business is starting to show progress. One of the problems to be solved is who will manage this new journey for Brazilian gas. Petrobras currently has this function, however there are other possibilities for contracts and agreements that will depend on the ANP decision.

Next steps for the sector in Brazil

The biggest concern at the moment is with the choice of the new president of the republic who will influence all decisions for the future of the oil and gas sector in Brazil. Managers and coordinators, together with the main leaders of the sector, are seeking to meet with the presidential candidates to present the new projects and wanting guarantees that all the points decided in the meeting are taken seriously and put into practice. The projects are promising and will guarantee great business and job opportunities.

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