Home Brazilian recruitment hires professionals to work in Finland

Brazilian recruitment hires professionals to work in Finland

4 June 2018 to 10: 53
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Matchtech based in Brazil starts the recruitment phase for those who want to work abroad with wind energy

Although the Recruiting being from abroad, the vacancies and the headquarters are in Brazil, so stay tuned for opportunities because they have already been confirmed and we will leave the sources duly identified in the article. Pay attention to the requirements, because the vacancies are for those who want to work in Finland, as long as you meet the requirements, the companies will cover all food and travel expenses. Below, check out all the parameters required for application:

minimum requirements

  • Irata Level 2 – As we said above, the opportunities are to carry out activities in a new wind project in Finland, and the recruitment asked for professionals with Irata Level 2 certification
  • Passport – If you already have a passport, congratulations because you have already increased your probability by 50% of being contacted. If you still don't have the document, find out how to get yours. passport here.
  • Professional qualification – For this type of activity, it is necessary to have experience in some technical or operational area, not precisely in the field of renewable energy.
  • English  – You will go to another country with a language and culture totally different from yours, nothing more reasonable than scratching or preferably mastering the English language to facilitate communication, in addition to being a “plus” in your resume

How to apply and publication source

Click Petróleo e Gás reinforces that only professionals with IRATA LEVEL 2 certification can apply, do not worry because we are in contact and monitoring other companies that usually hire Brazilians to work abroad, as soon as opportunities come out in different areas, we will pass them on for you guys. If interested and within the role, send an email to Matchtech recruitment at the address, in the care of Marcelo Resende. If you want to work in Europe, there is another company hiring Brazilians in another matter by clicking here.

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