Home Human Resources at Locar announces yet another sequence of opportunities

Human Resources at Locar announces yet another sequence of opportunities

12 from 2018 from September to 11: 45
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vacancies rent rio de janeiro maritime

There are job openings for activities in two different states, both in the logistics area and in the maritime sector

Locar has been standing out more avidly in recent months with selection processes disclosed by its Human Resources at a leisurely pace. It is the positive reflection of the resumption of business that affects all markets and, naturally, Locar is one of the forerunners of this process. She recently posted a few more job openings, pay close attention to the requirements and apply only for opportunities where “YOUR PROFESSIONAL ATTRIBUTIONS” fit. So let's go:

Immediate hires Rio de Janeiro

  • Machine Driver (Chief and Sub-Chief) ⇒ Candidates must have all documentation up to date
  • MCB Commander ⇒ Must have the Certificate of Competence
  • MCB Immediate ⇒ Competence certificate required

Immediate hires Contagem – MG

Crane Operator ⇒ Crane operator course required, complete high school education and open schedule.

External Salesperson ⇒ Own vehicle, higher education and experience with external sales

Logistics Assistant ⇒ Have experience in the area of ​​logistics/transport, secondary education and ease with computers.

For each place of action, the e-mails are specific. Candidates who wish to work or live in Rio de Janeiro, the e-mail for application is As for candidates from Minas Gerais, contact is We emphasize that you only send your CV's if you are within the function, anything outside of this is useless because Human Resources will not consider the candidacies.

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