Home Comperj Route 3 Gas Pipeline works were approved by the ANP

Comperj Route 3 Gas Pipeline works were approved by the ANP

4 from 2018 from September to 17: 18
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gas pipeline route 3 Comperj released anp

The construction of the land and sea section of the pipelines that connect the pre-salt to Comperj was authorized, a new consortium was formed by two companies to try to take on these works

Another important advance in Comperj takes place signaling the market with a little more optimism. The ANP authorized the construction of the subsea and land sectors of the Route 3 pipelines that will interconnect the pre-salt layer of the Santos Basin to transport the production where the refinery is located in Itaboraí – RJ. There will be about 355 km of pipelines (307 km at sea and 48 on land) to drain more or less 18 million m³ of gas daily.

Despite being very slow, Comperj has been active, with the construction of the base of the undertaking already in progress. It is worth mentioning that the Route 3 pipelines include the UPGN in the refinery project. According to Hugo Repsold, Director of Production and Technology at Petrobras, the Comperj works will have up to 3 employees by the end of 2018 and this number has just been boosted with the authorization of the ANP.

Possible companies that will carry out the works

It is worth mentioning that the possible companies that will build the sea and land stretch of the route 3 gas pipelines to Comperj are still bidding, but we have a clear idea of ​​which will win the works:

For the land section ⇒ as companies Trapping and Concremat formed a consortium to take over the land works and, so far, offered the best price.

For submarine section ⇒ Sapura or Mcdermott are in a fierce fight to see who takes the project to lay the pipes on the seabed. But regardless of who wins, Locar will provide services to one of the two.

Summary of Comperj Companies that have won contracts and whose proposals are in progress

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