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Without regret to spend, Switzerland builds the largest tunnel in the world worth US$ 12 BILLION: The São Gotthard Base Tunnel!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 20/05/2024 às 23:06
Switzerland - tunnel - Saint Gotthard
Photo: IA reproduction

An engineering marvel in Switzerland, an incredible tunnel 57 kilometers through the Swiss Alps!

In the heart of Europe, the Switzerland, known for its robust economy and picturesque landscapes, is home to the Saint Gotthard Tunnel, a feat of engineering which stands as the longest railway tunnel in the world. With 57 km In length, this subterranean masterpiece is not only a testament to human ingenuity, but also a symbol of efficiency and sustainability, according to constructiontime.

Transalpine Connection

Opened in 2016, the São Gotthard Tunnel was designed to optimize transport through the Swiss Alps, a region previously marked by accidents and logistical challenges. Furthermore, the project aimed to minimize environmental impact, a growing concern in the modern era.

Tunnel planning and construction

Planning for the tunnel began in 1947, but it was only in 1999 that the works came to life. Over 17 years, more than 2.600 workers dedicated themselves to construction, an effort marked by tragedies and triumphs. Despite the nine lives lost, the result was a project that cost US$12,5 billion and transformed global railway infrastructure.

tunnel - saint gotthard - switzerland
Photo: IA/Representation

Speed ​​and security

Trains passing through the Gotthard Tunnel can reach speeds of up to 250 km/h, significantly reducing travel times between northern and southern Europe. This improvement in mobility benefits not only passengers, but also commerce, facilitating faster and safer connections.

Furthermore, the tunnel plays a crucial role in reducing heavy truck traffic, transporting 50 million tons of cargo annually. This not only relieves alpine roads, but also contributes to a greener Europe with lower carbon emissions.

tunnel - saint gotthard - switzerland
Photo: IA/Representation

Impact and legacy

A strategic trade route, serving as a vital artery between Germany and Italy, the Gotthard Tunnel is a key component in the European transport network. Its existence strengthens Switzerland's position as a logistics hub and reinforces the continent's economic integration.

An engineering milestone

The completion of the Gotthard Tunnel is a remarkable achievement that resonates beyond Swiss borders. Representing more than a technical marvel, it symbolizes the human capacity to overcome natural barriers and unite regions through innovation and collaboration.

This tunnel is not just a physical structure, but a link that connects cultures, economies and people, solidifying Switzerland's legacy in history. Switzerland, tunnel and Saint Gotthard are words that now resonate with progress, unity and a more connected future.

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