Home StartServices is STILL looking for qualified professionals.

StartServices is STILL looking for qualified professionals.

4 from 2018 to 03 at 23: XNUMX
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StartServices Working on Strings
StartServices Working on Strings

StartSerices continues to search for qualified and specialized professionals to work in São Paulo.

Company located in the city of Jacareí, São Paulo, STILL looking for qualified professionals specialized in work on ropes. STARTSERVICES specializes in access techniques for work at height, with highly specialized professionals, always following the Technical Safety Standards. Working with qualified professionals, the company operates in the most diverse segments and with advanced techniques of cleaning, painting, structural repairs, installation of lifelines, lightning rods, among others.

This is your great chance to join a cutting-edge company that seeks to develop appropriate and intelligent solutions, improve products and services, meeting the need for maintenance, installation and assembly in places of difficult access. Safety, social and environmental responsibility, always in the foreground, makes this company an expert in the use of industrial mountaineering techniques, facilitating access to previously inaccessible places, or accessible with extreme manpower, providing excellence, dynamism, quality and professionalism.

Available vacancies

  • Industrial Climber N-1;
  • Industrial Climber N-2.

Required Experience in the area Availability to travel on company business.

How to apply

>> To apply for one of StartServices vacancies you will need to update your resume and send it to the email Put the job title in the subject.

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