Home Thermoelectric Macaé is out: Mayor signs construction permit

Thermoelectric Macaé is out: Mayor signs construction permit

22 May 2018 to 07: 01
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MacaéThermoelectric Valle Azul Porto

There are 3 units planned within the Macaé Logistics and Industrial Complex (CLIMA) that will be built and with a forecast of 1500 jobs

The current Mayor of Macae, Dr. Aluízio, validates another step towards the economic optimization of the city, signing the permit that releases the construction of the Logistic and Industrial Complex of Macaé (CLIMA). It is expected that 3 thermoelectric plants called Vale Azul 1, Vale Azul 2 and Vale Azul 3 will be installed within the enterprise. But as the name already says “COMPLEXO”, it will not only accommodate thermoelectric, but systems to process gas refineries and even some factories .

The municipal government says that around 1.500 job opportunities are expected to be created in the creation of the Vale 2 unit alone, with an initial investment of around 1 billion reais. There is a pre-salt production outflow pipeline called ROTA 2, which passes through the municipality and will be used to feed the thermoelectric plants.

Mayor signing the Permit for the construction of CLIMA on May 18th (Friday)

Among the companies involved in building CLIMA are Agrivale Incorporação e Construção SA, Santa Clara Empreendimentos and EBTE Engineering. The latter managed to obtain the rights from Queiroz Galvão to carry out the works and operate Tepor (Port Terminal of Macaé).

Talking about Tempor, one of the parameters of this project is that the CLIMA is interconnected through Santa Tereza Road for the operations of the future port, already cleared for construction. This interconnection will take place along the RJ-168 and will facilitate the logistics of cargo entering and leaving the municipality, which will avoid as much as possible the transit of heavy vehicles through the urban perimeter of the city.

Macaé legislators apparently learned their homework after the “blow” of the crisis, which affected the city economically in unprecedented proportions. In recent times, important projects that were shelved began to come out of paper and not depend so much exclusively on taxes and royalties from the oil industry directly. Vare you aware that AKER SOLUTIONS will also install a new factory in the city? Check the details here.

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