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Toyota Bandeirante, the Brazilian classic, becomes a rage in the USA and exceeds the price of a Mustang 0 km

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 09/07/2024 às 21:37
Toyota, Toyota Bandeirante, USA
Photo: Reproduction Quatro Rodas

From Brazil to the USA, check out the rediscovery of the Toyota Bandeirante around the world and how it won over North Americans

The Toyota Bandeirante has always been recognized for its robustness and durability. Produced in Brazil from 1968 to 2001, its production was ended by not keeping up with the innovations of its international equivalent, the Land Cruiser. Recently, this Brazilian classic has gained prominence in the United States, where its prices can exceed those of a Ford Mustang zero kilometer, according to the UOL website.

With its reputation for resistance and versatility, the Toyota Bandeirante is becoming a collector's item in the USA. “The Toyota Bandeirante is on the rise because American enthusiasts no longer have access to the Land Cruiser of the time, which It stopped being sold there in the 70s and 80s. Here, it remained unchanged until 2001. There is always someone who buys a damaged model and tries to sell it abroad”, explains Joel Picelli, official auctioneer at Picelli Leilões.

Rarity of the Toyota Bandeirante and value in the USA

The low availability of the Land Cruiser at that time in the United States, jtogether with the exclusivity of Brazilian versions, caused the Bandeirante became a valuable rarity. Especially the pickup version, which was never officially sold in the USA, is among the most sought after.

The iconic design of the FJ 40 generation, with its robust and friendly style, continues to delight enthusiasts. Toyota even replicated these lines in the current Land Cruiser and gave it a retro look with the discontinued FJ model. This visual appeal is one of the main factors that drive sales.

Check out details of the Toyota Bandeirante's performance

High prices at auctions

The values ​​of Bandeirantes at American auctions are surprising. Well-preserved examples can be found for prices between US$25 and US$33 (approximately R$128 thousand to R$170 thousand). In comparison, a new Ford Mustang 2.3 turbo starts at US$30.920, while the GT 5.0 V8 model starts at $41.960.

However, there are Bandeirantes who exceed this average. In 2023, a 1994 pickup truck sold for US$75 (about R$385), driven by luxurious decor and exclusive Nardo gray paintwork, similar to that of Audis. Another model from 1996 fetched US$71 (approximately R$365).

Features that increase value

Among the models researched, a pickup truck with a wooden bed and refined interior from 1995 was sold by US$ 65 thousand (more than R$ 330 thousand). A 1985 short-body Jeep was sold for US$67.500 (about R$340 thousand). Pickup trucks are generally the most prized, but even short models equipped with leather trim, modern entertainment systems and efficient air conditioning can command high prices.

Photo: Autopapo Reproduction

Engines also significantly influence the value. Many enthusiasts prefer Mercedes-Benz engines over original Toyota engines. Between 1973 and 1989, the Toyota Bandeirante was equipped with the Mercedes-Benz OM-314 diesel engine, followed by the OM-364 between 1989 and 1994, before reverting to Toyota engines. This preference is due to its durability and ability to run hundreds of thousands of kilometers without problems.

Market potential and other Brazilian models

The growing interest in Girl Scouts in the USAopen doors to other Brazilian classics on auction sites. Models such as the Kombi, SP2 and Opala are also gaining appreciation and attention from American collectors.

In summary, the Toyota Bandeirante, with its combination of robust design, rarity and customization options, is gaining a loyal following in the United States. This Brazilian icon proves that, even decades after its production, it can still compete with big names in the global automobile industry.

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