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Toyota Corolla Cross: SUV's most common problems and defects attract attention! Is it worth it?

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 11/07/2024 às 08:33
Toyota Corolla Cross. Image: reproduction)
Toyota Corolla Cross. Image: reproduction)

The Toyota Corolla Cross faces criticism for suspension and automatic transmission problems. Even with an attractive design and interior comfort, these defects raise doubts about the SUV's reliability.

O Toyota corolla cross arrived on the Brazilian market in 2021 with an ambitious proposal: to compete directly with the Jeep Compass, sales leader among medium SUVs.

Produced in Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, Toyota's SUV promised to maintain the brand's tradition of reliability and robustness, sharing the TNGA platform with the renowned Corolla sedan.

However, not everything has been perfect for Corolla Cross owners, who report several problems on the website "Reclame Aqui". What are the main defects of the Corolla Cross? And is it really worth it?

History and Characteristics

The Corolla Cross is sold in Brazil with two engine options: a 2.0 flex engine with up to 175 hp, with a CVT automatic transmission that simulates ten gears, and a hybrid set consisting of a 1.8 combustion engine and an electric motor, generating 122 hp of combined power.

These features, combined with the harmonious design and comfortable interior space, make the Corolla Cross an attractive option for many consumers.

In April 2024, the SUV underwent its first update, receiving a redesigned look, improvements to the interior finish and new equipment, such as the electric opening of the trunk lid in the more sophisticated versions. However, even with these improvements, problems persist.

Noises in the Suspension

Corolla Cross suspension noises are one of the main complaints from owners. In an interview with the Autoesporte website, Alexandre, from Vitória da Conquista, in Bahia, reported that his vehicle, model year 2023/2024, began to present uncomfortable noises in the front suspension after just 5.000 km.

According to him, the vehicle was taken to the dealership, but the technicians did not find any problems and said that the noise was a characteristic of the vehicle. Also on the aforementioned portal, automotive mechanic Paulo Vianna said that“It is necessary to investigate the origin of this noise, since reports alone are not enough to make a correct diagnosis.”

"It's strange that cars that are barely driven have this kind of problem.”, he stated, also highlighting the importance of suspension for the vehicle's safety, absorbing impacts and keeping the wheels in contact with the ground.

Automatic Transmission Problems

Another critical point reported by Corolla Cross owners is the automatic transmission. Bruno, from São Paulo, the capital, also in an interview with the Autoesporte website, said that he noticed jerks and gearbox malfunctions.

In this sense, he states that his car had jerks when changing from first to second gear with just 1.000 km driven. Toyota responded that this feature is intrinsic to the product and reprogrammed the system, but the problems persist.

For Paulo Vianna, “Defects in the automatic transmission of the Corolla Cross need to be investigated carefully to discover the origin of the noises and malfunctions”. In this context, he confesses to finding these cases strange, since Toyota has a reputation for using robust and reliable gearboxes.

More Complaints

In addition to the suspension and gearbox problems, Corolla Cross owners also report defects in components such as interior trim, injection nozzles and engine mounts. Although Toyota responded to some of these complaints on Reclame Aqui, many consumers still feel dissatisfied.

Although the Toyota Corolla Cross has many positive points, such as design, interior space and engine options, problems reported by owners cannot be ignored. Suspension noises and automatic transmission jerks are serious defects that affect the driving experience and confidence in the vehicle.

That said, here's a question for you, reader: would you buy a Toyota Corolla Cross even if you knew about these problems? Share your opinion in the comments!

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