Home UNIFLEX GROUP announces several offshore job vacancies; Opportunities for valet, marine cook, steward, driver and more

UNIFLEX GROUP announces several offshore job vacancies; Opportunities for valet, marine cook, steward, driver and more

20 May 2024 to 18: 34
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UNIFLEX GROUP announces several offshore job vacancies; Opportunities for valet, marine cook, steward, driver and more
Photo: UNIFLEX GROUP/Disclosure

Vacancies announced in May: Company specialized in maritime services opens opportunities in several areas, reinforcing its commitment to safety and excellence.

UNIFLEX GROUP, known for its expertise in maritime and offshore solutions, is expanding its team with several job openings in Macaé. To the opportunities include functions ranging from ushers and cooks to HR analysts and logistics supervisors. This job advertisement highlights UNIFLEX GROUP's search for qualified professionals who want to contribute to operational excellence and safety in offshore operations.

Founded with a commitment to offering high-quality maritime services, UNIFLEX GROUP operates with a strong focus on employee safety and respect for the environment. The company is proud of its culture of innovation and excellence, always looking for new ways to improve its operations and ensure customer satisfaction.

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UNIFLEX GROUP employees have access to a comprehensive benefits package, which includes a health plan, food vouchers, life insurance, and transport vouchers. These benefits are designed to guarantee the well-being and motivation of the team, reflecting the company's commitment to valuing its professionals.

Job vacancies at UNIFLEX GROUP

  • Cleaner – Offshore (announced 3 days ago)
  • Maritime Cook (announced 1 week ago)
  • HR Analyst (posted 1 week ago)
  • Commissioner – Offshore (announced 1 week ago)
  • Chef – Offshore (announced 1 week ago)
  • Personal Logistics Supervisor (announced 1 week ago)
  • Driver (Cart) (announced 1 week ago)
  • Maritime Taifeiro (announced 1 week ago)
  • Young Apprentice (announced 1 week ago)
  • Personnel Logistics Assistant (advertised 1 week ago)

For more information and other opportunities, visit the link provided below.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in applying for job vacancies at UNIFLEX GROUP must access THIS LINK. On the website, you can select the desired vacancy, read the specific requirements and send your updated CV. It is important to personalize your resume to highlight experiences and skills relevant to the position you are seeking.

Employee salaries

Based on glassdoor, UNIFLEX GROUP offers competitive salaries that vary depending on the role and experience of the professional. For example, maritime cabin crews receive between R$3 and R$5, while maritime cooks can earn between R$3 and R$4. Young apprentices have an average salary of R$530 to R$650. These salary ranges reflect the company's commitment to offering fair and attractive remuneration, valuing the work of its employees.


UNIFLEX GROUP is a renowned company in the maritime and offshore services sector, recognized for its operational excellence and commitment to safety and sustainability. Founded with the mission of providing innovative and high-quality solutions, UNIFLEX GROUP has stood out for its ability to operate in challenging environments, ensuring the integrity of operations and the satisfaction of its customers.

With a highly qualified team and a robust infrastructure, the company is always ahead in terms of technology and management practices, continually seeking to improve its processes and expand its operations in the market.

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