Home Updated offshore jobs: Companies rush to hire ahead of the long holiday

Updated offshore jobs: Companies rush to hire ahead of the long holiday

10 April 2017 07 gies: 01
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Offshore Jobs Updated Companies Rush to Hire Ahead of the Long Holiday
Offshore Jobs Updated Companies Rush to Hire Ahead of the Long Holiday

With the long holiday approaching, some offshore companies with vacancies are urgently recruiting due to the short time to fulfill contracts. Just like the Perbras opened its young talent program last week, other giants are coming to the industry and should start more hiring, even if it is in a very simple way. Below, you will see some open opportunities for this week and reinforcing that you only send a resume if it corresponds to the required position.

Click Oil and Gas Institutional 
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Temporary mechanic helper

Must have skills in assembling and disassembling equipment, washing, being willing to wash risers and matune them periodically. If you fit the vacancy and are interested, please send your resume to, informing the subject in the title.

Work Security

If you are a recent graduate in this area, you may be joining the company as a trainee, which you will be studying, preparing institutional training material, and teaching practical and theoretical activities. It is fundamental that the candidate lives in Macaé, will have the minimum salary of a union and many benefits. If interested, send your CV to and put the following format in the title: VACANCY-CITY/NAME.


The company Priner has 3 vacancies available for a Tracer Tinker in an offshore regime, so it is necessary to have Salvage, Huet and experience in the proven function. If you fit the profile, send your resume to

Electrotechnical or Electrical Engineer

Transerluz hires a specialist in electrical panels of the Siemens brand, which will perform maintenance, inspect them periodically, prepare reports and align systems according to the work demand. The ability to handle this type of panel must be proven or hold a qualifying course from Siemens. The NR-10 course and active CREA are mandatory. The contract will be temporary, so send your resume to, stating in the subject.

Commissioner and Nutritionist

Renowned maritime and offshore hotel company is attracting resumes to fill the positions of flight attendant and/or nutritionist. Operations essentially consist of managing personnel, controlling expenses, supervising menus, making food and nutrition systems, and other related activities. Send your resume to, identifying the positions in the subject and city of current residence.

Logistic assistant

Essentially, the people who pass the selection process will carry out activities in the company's stock, preparing tasks for receiving materials, organization, investigation, working with registration and other activities inherent to the position. Send your abstracts to, informing the desired position.

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