Home Volkswagen Gol for R$ 30.000: best-seller in Brazil is still the right option for those who want a commercial, powerful car that drinks little 

Volkswagen Gol for R$ 30.000: best-seller in Brazil is still the right option for those who want a commercial, powerful car that drinks little 

21 May 2024 to 18: 00
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photo: reproduction

Seventh generation of Volkswagen's compact Hatch, the Volkswagen Gol, is still a good option on the used and sales market

There is no denying it: the Volkswagen Gol car is one of the most iconic and popular selling cars in the Brazilian market. Since its launch in 1980, the compact car went through several generations and restylings, consolidating its presence on the streets of Brazil. The penultimate generation of the car, known as the G7, was launched in 2016 and sold until 2019. With a more robust and modern look, in line with the German brand's identity, the Gol G7 has become an attractive option in the used car sales market, according to the Web Motors website.

Evolution and connectivity

Gol's G7 car line brought a series of innovations in terms of connectivity and technology. Even with a certain delay compared to its competitors, the Gol G7 managed to stand out for its robustness and reliable mechanics, characteristics that have always been trademarks of the model. These attributes make the Gol G7 car an excellent option for those looking for a first car without spending the almost R$80 needed for a new hatchback.

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Photo: Autoesporte reproduction

At the time of its launch and sales, the Volkswagen 6Gol G7 was available with two engine options. The first was the EA-211 three-cylinder, 1.0-liter, 12-valve engine, capable of generating up to 82 hp of power and 10,6 kgf.m of torque. This engine replaced the old EA-111, offering 6 more hp. The second option was the 1.6 MSI four-cylinder engine, with 106 hp and 15,6 kgf.m of torque.. Available transmissions included a five-speed manual and a five-speed i-Motion automated.

Energy efficiency was also a strong point of the Gol G7. In version 1.0, the hatch reached up to 14,5 km/l with gasoline and 10,3 km/l with ethanol, according to data from Inmetro.

Equipment and comfort in the Volkswagen Gol

Trendline version: The entry-level Trendline version of the Gol G7 was equipped with power steering, electric locks and front windows and 14-inch iron wheels with hubcaps. Air conditioning was optional, so it is important to check the presence of this item when considering a used model. The multimedia center was also available as an option.

Comfortline version: In the intermediate Comfortline versions, the Gol G7 included a pocket knife, fog lights, 15-inch wheels with hubcaps and a trunk with electric opening. The optional package added alloy wheels, reverse sensor, on-board computer and a more complete multimedia center.

Highline version: The Highline version, more complete, offered electric mirrors, multifunctional steering wheel and reversing sensor as standard. Options included 16-inch alloy wheels, leather seats and cruise control.

Internal space: In terms of internal space, the Volkswagen Gol G7 offers adequate comfort for four people, but without luxuries. Measuring 3,89 meters long, 1,65 m wide, 1,46 m high and 2,46 m wheelbase, the hatch provides a compact but functional interior environment. The trunk has a capacity of 285 liters, standard for the segment.

After all, is the Gol G7 worth buying?

The initial line of the Volkswagen Gol G7 was launched with prices starting at R$34.890, which can reach R$58 thousand in the most complete versions. Currently, on the used market, the Gol G7 can be found from R$30 thousand. That price range makes the model A good option for those looking for a reliable and affordable hatch.

In Webmotors stock, for example, units of the Volkswagen Gol G7 1.0 12V are available from R$31.500. Versions with 1.6 engine can be found for around R$40 thousand. If you are looking for a Volkswagen Gol, check out the available options and take advantage of the chance to purchase a vehicle that combines reliability, connectivity and good performance.

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